Slipped on Yoghurt in Walmart Claims

You are within your rights to make slipped on yoghurt in Walmart claims if you slipped and fell on spilled yoghurt on the floor in Walmart and sustained an injury. Provided that you were not to blame for the slip and fall, and the spilled yoghurt had been present on the floor for an unacceptable period of time, you should be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Supermarkets do not owe their customers an absolute duty of care, which means they are not automatically liable for every accident which occurs on the premises. It is therefore necessary to establish and prove that a slip and fall in a grocery store was caused as a result of negligence of the staff if slipped on yoghurt in Walmart claims are to be made. Walmart staff must be given time to identify and clean spilled liquids from the floor and only a failure to do so in an acceptable time frame will enable a claim for slipping on yoghurt in Walmart to be made.

It is therefore important that the best injury claims advice is sought about making a claim for slipping on yoghurt in Walmart claims to ensure that the strongest case is prepared. To improve the probability of recovering your full entitlement to compensation for your injuries and for a free claim assessment, we invite you to call our claims helpline and to speak to one of our experienced independent personal injury lawyers.

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