Slipped on the Floor in a Toilet in Subway

I slipped on the floor in a toilet in Subway. The floor was wet due to a leaking pipe and there was no warning sign. Does this mean I will be able to claim for concussion and a severe cut to my head?

It should be possible for you to make an injury claim for having slipped on the floor in a toilet in Subway as it would appear that there are a number of aspects of the accident which indicate negligence of the Subway manager.

The manager should have arranged for the leaking pipe to have been temporarily repaired to prevent water from leaking onto the floor. It would have been reasonable to expect the toilet to have been locked and an out of order sign placed on the door if the fault could not be repaired and if there was a significant risk of a slip and fall in the toilet in Subway.

The manager should also have instructed the staff to conducted regular inspections of the toilet, especially if there was a known fault with the plumbing and any water which had leaked onto the floor should have been mopped. A wet floor warning sign should have been placed over the wet section of the floor to alert customers to the risk of slipping. A failure to take action to prevent a hazard from being created or to reduce the risk to customers is negligence, and represents a failure in a duty of care to keep customers safe.

Since you slipped on the floor in a toilet in Subway and sustained a serious injury this would have required treatment at hospital or by a doctor. You should also have made an official report of the accident to the Subway manager. If you did not make a report of the accident at the time, you should return to Subway to record the accident in Subway’s accident book. You should do this as soon as possible, but you should not go against the recommendations of your doctor and must not place your health at risk by doing so.

We also recommend taking photographs of the cut to your head. Proof of injury will come from your medical records, but photographic evidence of visible injuries are also important as proof of injury to support a claim for a slip and fall in the toilet in Subway.

It is also recommended that you speak with a personal injury lawyer about recovering compensation for slipping on a wet floor in Subway as soon as possible. A lawyer is in the best position to confirm that a claim for personal injury compensation is possible under the circumstances. A lawyer will also ensure that your claim is thoroughly prepared and evidence of negligence is collected.

The assistance of a lawyer will not only help to ensure that your claim has the maximum probability of being successful, but also that that your maximum entitlement to compensation for slipping on a wet floor in Subway is claimed.