Slipped on Dirty Floor in Aldi

A claim for having slipped on a dirty floor in Aldi is often possible, if you have sustained an injury due to slipping in the grocery store which was sufficiently severe to warrant a trip to a doctor or hospital. A claim for compensation for a slip on a dirty floor in Aldi cannot be justified if injuries have not been documented in your medical records.

In order for a claim for a slip on a dirty floor in Aldi to be made, you must also be able to establish that there was a failure in Aldi´s duty of care to provide you with a safe environment in which to shop, and the grocery store staff were negligent for failing to keep the floor clean and free from hazards which could cause a slip and fall. Establishing and proving that the negligence of the Aldi staff was the reason why you slipped on dirty floor in Aldi is easier with the assistance and experience of a personal injury lawyer.

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