Safeway Parking Lot Accident Claims

If you tripped and fell in a Safeway parking lot or were injured in an accident riding a bicycle or motorbike, you may be entitled to make Safeway parking lot accident claims if your injury was caused as a result of negligence of the store. Safeway owes its parking lot visitors a duty of care to make sure that the parking lot is properly maintained and safe to use at all times.

A failure in this duty of care, such as allowing the parking lot to fall into a state of disrepair, can be considered to be negligence and would be grounds for making a claim for compensation. The grocery store’s insurance company will be required to pay compensation for Safeway parking lot accidents which have occurred as a direct result of negligence of the grocery store staff. However, even if first aid was administered after a Safeway parking lot accident, a visit to a hospital or doctor must be made to substantiate Safeway parking lot accident claims and prove that you suffered an injury.

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