Claim for Pulling a Calf Muscle after Falling in a Grocery Store

How do I make a claim for pulling a calf muscle after falling in a grocery store if I was working when the accident occurred?

If you wish to make a claim for pulling a calf muscle after falling in a grocery store it is always advisable to contact a personal injury claims lawyer with experience in grocery store injury compensation claims as soon as it is convenient. Only they will be able to give you specific advice that is relevant to your situation after you tell them the specific circumstances of your accident and the severity of your pulled calf muscle injury.

Every employer owes their employees a duty of care. This means that they have a responsibility when it comes to maintaining a safe work environment that is free from any potential hazard. This means that they have an obligation to make sure that work equipment is safe and free from defects, that staff members are well trained and that they perform their duties according to health and safety protocol. Therefore, just because you were at work when you sustained an injury does not mean that you are discounted from initiating a claim by any means. If it can be established that your employer was negligent and that this negligence in turn caused you to sustain a pulled calf muscle injury, you should be entitled to pursue a claim for pulling a calf muscle after falling in a grocery store.

There are a number of things you should have done following your accident to ensure the strength of your claim for grocery store injury compensation. Immediate professional medical treatment should always be sought, even if you do not consider your injury to be serious. By not attending your local hospital or GP right away you could be at risk of exacerbating your injury or being accused of having a lack of regard for your health, both of which could result in your final claim being reduced somewhat. After receiving medical treatment you should write a detailed account of the accident in your employer’s “Accident Report Book”. You don’t have to assign blame in this account, just write down the events as you remember them, including any names of staff members that were around and any witness testimonials if possible.

All of this is general advice regarding how to make a claim for when you were injured at work in a grocery store, it is by no means an alternative to the advice your lawyer will be able to give you. It is recommended that you contact one as soon as possible to make an appointment for consultation so that the claims process can begin. If your lawyer thinks that it has a considerable chance of success then they may offer you legal representation in your claim for pulling a calf muscle after falling in a grocery store.