Power Tool Accident Claims

How can construction workers pursue power tool accident claims? I was recently involved in an accident in which one of my colleagues accidentally injured me with a drill. Although I know the incident was an accident, I still feel as if I am entitled to compensation.

Workers who have been involved in an incident in which they were injured and someone else was to blame may be able to pursue power tool accident claims. In order to pursue a claim for an injury involving a power tool you must be able to prove that someone other than yourself was at fault for the accident in which you were injured. Although in your case this would appear to be the colleague who accidentally injured you with the power tool, a claim may in fact have to be taken against your employer as he or she was likely the party responsible for your wellbeing at the time of the accident.

All employers hold a ‘duty of care’ toward their employees, which they are obliged to keep by taking measures to ensure that workspaces are as safe as possible. As part of their ‘duty of care’ most employers conduct random safety checks on equipment and machinery, and ensure that all workspaces are clear of obstructions that could pose a threat to the safety of workers. They may also bear the responsibility of providing the proper training and guidance to their employees, an obligation that if fulfilled correctly may serve to discourage power tool accident claims. As part of their duty of care, your employer would have been responsible for ensuring that the power tool which your colleague injured you with was fit for purpose and that the employee who injured you was properly trained to use it. If you feel that your employer has failed in their duty of care toward you, you should speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity about making a claim for power tool accident compensation.

It is difficult to assess your entitlement to claim power tool injury compensation from the small amount of detail provided in your question. Speaking with a personal injury claims lawyer will allow you to ascertain definitively if you are eligible to pursue a compensation claim. It can often cost nothing to find out whether you qualify – many lawyers operating in the USA now offer free initial consultations to potential power tool accident claimants. A lawyer may also be able to assess your chances of being successful and can tell you how much compensation may be awarded for power tool accident claims.