Playground Injury Claims

If your child has been injured while playing in a children’s playground, you may be able to recover compensation by making playground injury claims on your child’s behalf. A claim for a playground injury should be possible if your child has been injured due to the negligence of the playground owner, such as when an injury has been caused due to poorly maintained playground equipment or a trip and fall has resulted from an uneven or dangerous floor surface. You should speak with a personal injury lawyer for confirmation on whether playground injury claims are possible under the circumstances.

A child cannot take legal action to recover playground injury compensation personally. Playground injury claims must therefore wait until the injured child reaches eighteen years of age, or an adult – usually a parent or legal guardian – can pursue a claim for compensation by acting as a ‘litigation friend’ for the child. A judge must authorise the appointment of a litigation friend, and court action is usually required resolve playground injury claims for children. It is therefore vital that legal advice is sought from a personal injury lawyer about making playground injury claims for children.

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