Claim for Tripping in an Office

I recently fell over a stack of files which were on my office floor, leaving me with a broken wrist. Is it possible to initiate a compensation claim for tripping in an office?

Whether you can claim for tripping in an office depends upon whether your employer is liable for your injuries. In this scenario, some factors will need to be considered. For one – how long were the files on the floor? If they had been placed there immediately before your accident, your employer may not be held liable as they would not have had the opportunity to take action in order to prevent an accident occurring. If, however, the files were there for a considerable amount of time and your employer failed to take action regarding the removal of the hazard, they may be considered to have been negligent towards the health and safety of their employees and may therefore be liable for your injuries.

Establishing whether or not your employer is liable should not be your immediate priority following your accident, instead it should be to seek medical attention for your injuries. Should you neglect to seek immediate medical assistance you risk not only the deterioration of your injuries, but also decreasing the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. If there is an unacceptable delay in visiting a doctor your injuries may be considered to have become worse as a result and therefore your compensation can be reduced to reflect your own carelessness.

After acquiring medical attention, your next step in making a claim for tripping in an office should be to consult a personal injury lawyer in order for them to guide you through making your claim for compensation. They can answer any questions you may have and can determine how much compensation you may be entitled to.

You should also file a report in the “Accident Report Book” of your employer, in order to record the details of your accident. This can later be used as evidence to support your claim. If you are absent from work for a period of seven days or more, your accident will be reported by your employer to the Health and Safety Executive.

Your employer may be obligated to report a potential claim for tripping in an office to their insurance company, who may then directly contact you with an unsolicited offer of compensation. While this may be enticing, it is important to remember that such offers are often made with the intention of saving money for the insurance company. In order to avoid being under-compensated you are advised to contact a personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity, who can negotiate a fairer settlement on your behalf for your claim for tripping in an office.