Claim for a Hand Injury on an Office Door

I was recently opening a door in my office when it suddenly slammed shut, breaking my hand in the process. Can I claim for a hand injury on an office door?

Whether you are eligible to claim for a hand injury on an office door depends upon a number of factors, not least who is responsible for your injury. Your employer is obliged to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment, and any failure to uphold this obligation which results in an accident and injury occurring can be deemed as negligence on behalf of your employer. In this case, if the door was somehow broken due to a lack of maintenance your employer will be liable for your claim due to their negligence.

However, contributory negligence can also be an issue in your claim for a hand injury on an office door. If you placed your hand in the way of a clearly slamming door, contributory negligence may be a factor as you put your own well-being into jeopardy. It is also important to seek medical attention at the first available opportunity following an accident, as failure to do so may also be seen as contributory negligence. This is because if your injuries become worse as a result of neglecting to seek medical attention, you may be held at least partially responsible due to displaying recklessness towards your own well-being, and your compensation may be reduced as a result. Your immediate priority following an accident should therefore be seeking medical attention.

Once this has been done, you are advised to consult a lawyer regarding compensation for your claim for a hand injury on an office door. You will be advised to compile a report for your employer’s “Accident Report Book”, which will detail the events of your accident. If your accident has meant that you were unable to work for a period of seven days or more, your accident will be reported by your employer to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who may conduct an investigation. The results of this investigation, should they find your employers negligent, will be of major assistance to your claim.

Any claimant should be wary of a potential unsolicited offer of compensation which may be made. When an employer has reported your accident to their insurance company, the insurers may directly contact you in order to quickly settle your claim. However the compensation offered may be far lower than you may be entitled to, and should therefore be referred to a lawyer before being accepted. This will ensure that the compensation which you receive for your claim for a hand injury on an office door will be fair and that you will have sufficient funds to cover your medical costs and provide for your family. If you have any further queries regarding your eligibility to injury compensation, you are advised to contact a personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity.