Claims for Injury by Sharp Equipment in a Factory

How can workers determine if they are eligible to pursue claims for injury by sharp equipment in a factory? I was recently hospitalised after falling on a sharp piece of metal which had been dropped on the ground by a co-worker – as proven by CCTV footage – and am interested in pursuing a claim for compensation. My employer has been very kind to me since my accident, but continues to insist that I am not eligible to claim for compensation.

ims for injury by sharp equipment in a factory may be pursued if the claimant is able to prove that their employer is at fault for their accident. Although in your case it may appear that the co-worker who dropped the piece of metal which you later fell on is responsible for your accident, this is not necessarily the case; you may actually have to pursue your claim for sharp equipment in factory injury compensation against your employer.

Employers owe their workers a “duty of care’, meaning that they must take precautions to ensure that workers are as safe as possible while carrying out their tasks. While this ‘duty of care’ does not act as a blanket covering all accidents which happen at the workplace, it may allow you to claim compensation for sharp equipment in a factory accident if you can use the CCTV evidence you have procured, along with any witness statements, to prove that your employer had the opportunity to identify the piece of metal and remove it from the factory floor.

In order to build the strongest possible claim for compensation, you should request a copy of the medical report made out by the doctor who treated you for your injury. This report accompanied by the CCTV footage and witness statements, will able to serve as evidence of your accident and may assist you in proving your employer’s liability. If possible, you should also make an entry in the company’s Accident Report Book.

Claims for injury by sharp equipment in a factory can result in sizable settlements being awarded given the right set of circumstances. However, it is impossible to determine how much compensation you may be entitled to without knowing more about your individual case.

In order to receive a comprehensive evaluation of your claim for sharp equipment in factory injury compensation, you should speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity. Not only will a lawyer be able to provide you with information regarding your entitlement to compensation, they will also be able to walk you through the claims process and will be in a good position to secure the maximum possible amount of compensation on your behalf. Claims for injury by sharp equipment in a factory always have a better potential for success when the claimant has spoken with a personal injury claims lawyer beforehand.