Injured in Safeway Claims

What Are Injured in Safeway Claims?

If you were to sustain an injury due to tripping, slipping or falling in Safeway – or in an accident because a display unit has been incorrectly constructed or stocked – you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries through injured in Safeway claims. Claims for being injured in Safeway compensation are legal civil actions which can be made when the grocery store has a responsibility for your health and safety and has failed in its “duty of care” to maintain its premises in a safe condition.

What is meant by a Safeway “Duty of Care”?

In order to successfully make injured in Safeway claims for compensation, it has to be proven that the grocery store was negligent by failing to identify the hazard which caused your accident and have it repaired, removed or cordoned off and indicated as a risk of injury. This breach in their duty of care makes the grocery store liable for your injuries and gives you the right to claim injury in Safeway compensation.

However, Safeway duty of care is not always “absolute”. This means that if the hazard which caused your accident had only recently appeared – and the grocery store staff had not had a reasonable period of time in which to identify the hazard and rectify it – it may not always be possible to claim compensation for an injury in Safeway. For this reason, it is always in your best interests to discuss your Safeway injury with a lawyer at the first possible opportunity.

Injured in Safeway Claims and your Health

When making injured in Safeway claims, in addition to establishing that the grocery store was in breach of their duty of care, it is also important to prove that your accident in Safeway resulted in a quantifiable injury. Consequently it is vital that, after sustaining an injury in an accident in a Safeway grocery store, you receive professional medical attention as soon as possible.

By visiting a hospital or your family GP, the injuries that you sustained in your Safeway accident will be recorded in your medical notes along with any long term consequences to your health or ongoing treatment. The administration of first aid at the grocery store or when you returned home is insufficient proof that an injury has occurred when making a claim for being injured in Safeway compensation.

Making a Claim for Being Injured in Safeway Compensation

Once it can be determined that you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of Safeway and that the grocery store was in breach of its duty of care, you can make a claim for injured in Safeway compensation. The procedure for making injured in Safeway claims for compensation is that your lawyer will write to Safeway, advising them that you are making a claim against them, and the grocery store then has three months to conduct their own investigation into your accident in the Safeway grocery store and advise your lawyer whether they will accept liability for your injuries.

If liability is accepted, your lawyer will liaise with the grocery store´s public liability insurers to obtain the maximum possible settlement of your injured in Safeway claim. Should liability be contested for your grocery store injuries, your lawyer will issue court proceedings – an action which often initiates an offer of Safeway injury compensation from an insurance company who may be reluctant to take a chance on the outcome of your Safeway injury compensation claim and keen to save money on potential court costs. As an offer of settlement for your injured in Safeway claim may be made to you directly, it is important to be aware of how much compensation for being injured in Safeway you may be entitled to in order that you do not inadvertently accept an inappropriate offer.

How Much Can I Claim for an Injury in Safeway?

How much compensation for being injured in Safeway you will be entitled to receive will depend on the nature and severity of the injuries sustained in your accident in the Safeway grocery store in relation to your age, sex and general state of health prior to your injured. The way in which your injuries from your Safeway accident affects your quality of life will also be taken into account and it is advisable that you maintain a diary in order to record the occasions when you are unable to perform everyday tasks or participate in social and leisure pursuits as a consequence of your injuries from the Safeway grocery store accident.

Any expenses you have incurred for medical treatment can be recovered in an injured in Safeway claim, along with any costs for alternative forms of transport if you are unable to drive and any loss of earnings if the injury you sustained in Safeway prevents you from working. Consequently, no two claims for being injured in Safeway are the same – even when the injuries sustained are identical – and this is the reason why you should always seek professional legal advice when making an injured in Safeway claim for compensation.

“Contingency Fee” Injured in Safeway Claims

Most lawyers will offer a free preliminary assessment of your personal situation and will advise you whether you have a claim for injury in Safeway compensation which is worth your while to pursue. Should you have an injured in Safeway claim for compensation which has a strong likelihood of success, you will be offered legal representation on a “Contingency Fee” basis.

“Contingency Fee” injured in Safeway claims enable you to pursue compensation for your injuries without having to worry about lawyer´s fees if your claim for being injured in Safeway is unsuccessful. However, as you may be liable for the grocery store´s legal fees if your case is lost, lawyers offering “Contingency Fee” injured in Safeway claims will want to know of any legal fees insurance you may have attached to a car insurance policy or household contents insurance policy and advise you to take out additional protection if necessary.

Free Legal Advice about Injured in Safeway Claims

If you, or somebody close to you, have been injured due to an accident in Safeway for which you were not at fault, you are invited to call our freephone service and discuss the circumstances of your injury in Safeway directly with an experienced public liability lawyer. Our lawyer will provide you with practical and helpful advice which is relative to your personal circumstances and answer any questions you may have about making injured in Safeway claims.

There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for being injured in Safeway once you have spoken with us and all conversations between yourself and our lawyers are completely confidential. We would recommend that you speak with us as soon as possible after you have received professional medical attention for the injuries you sustained in Safeway to maximise the likelihood of a successful injured in Safeway claim.