Injured in Aldi

If you sustained an injury in Aldi while shopping, you may be entitled to make an Aldi injury claim for compensation. A claim for being injured in Aldi should be possible provided that the accident in which you were injured was caused by the negligence of the Aldi staff. Negligence means a failure to take reasonable care to avoid causing an injury to another person, and it is your responsibility to establish and prove negligence in order for an injured in Aldi claim to be successful.

You must also demonstrate that a duty of care existed and was breached by Aldi staff or management, and this was the reason for your injury. Even if you received first aid treatment in the Aldi store, your injuries must have been assessed by a doctor. A claim for being injured in Aldi will not be possible without accompanying proof of injury from your medical records.

For a free assessment of an injured in Aldi claim we invite you to call our claims helpline. If it is possible to claim compensation for being injured in Aldi we will advise you of the steps you need to take next in order to maximise the likelihood of successfully recovering Aldi injury compensation against the store’s public liability insurance policy.

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