Claim for Being Injured by Office Chair Collapsing

I have recently been injured in my workplace after falling from a chair. How much can I claim for being injured by office chair collapsing?

In order to claim for being injured by office chair collapsing, a number of factors must be taken into account which can determine how much compensation you will be due. No two compensation amounts will be the same in personal injury compensation claims. The figure to which you are entitled will depend on the location of the injury, its severity and its permanency. The age, gender and health of the victim will also be taken into account, as well as any decline in their quality of life. The victim may also be entitled to compensation for expenses incurred and income lost due to the injury. Even if two injuries are exactly the same, these factors mean that no two compensation amounts will be identical. If you wish to place a figure on how much compensation you are likely to receive in your own particular case, you are advised to contact a personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

There are a number of issues to take into account which could affect the compensation amount of your claim for being injured by office chair collapsing. Your immediate priority following an accident should be to seek medical attention. This should be done not only to ensure that your injuries do not deteriorate, but also to guard against the possibility that a potential claim is not jeopardised due to your failure to tend to your own health. Should there be an unacceptable delay in receiving medical attention, contributory negligence may be a factor in your claim which could reduce the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.

It must also be established that contributory negligence was not a factor in the injury itself. If – for instance – you had raised the issue of a broken chair with your employer who neglected to respond to your complaints, your employer will be held liable for your injury due to his/her failure to provide a safe working environment. However contributory negligence could be a factor if you knew there was a problem with the chair but failed to report it, or if your employer had advised you not to use that particular chair but you did so regardless. Again, if contributory negligence is a factor in these situations you may be held at least partially liable for your injuries, which may have an effect upon your compensation.

The compensation for your claim for being injured by office chair collapsing can be impacted if you receive an unsolicited offer of compensation from your employer’s insurance company. This compensation will be given in exchange for a quick settlement of the claim. While this may seem tempting, caution should be exercised before accepting. There is a strong possibility of being under-compensated with such offers, and they should always be referred to a lawyer before being accepted.