Head Injury on Construction Site Claims

How can potential claimants tell if they are eligible to pursue head injury on construction site claims? I was recently treated for a laceration on my forehead which required several stitches. Although I suffered the injury at work, my employer insists that he is not liable and that I am not eligible to claim for compensation.

Workers’ eligibility to pursue head injury on construction site claims may be reliant on their ability to prove that someone other than themselves was at fault for their accident. In order to find out for sure if you are eligible to claim construction site head injury compensation, you should speak to a personal injury claims lawyer immediately – it may just be that your employer is insisting that you are not eligible to pursue compensation in order to avoid being claimed against.

It is impossible to determine whether you are eligible to claim compensation for a construction site accident head injury without knowing more about the circumstances in which your injury was sustained. If you believe that your employer is liable for your accident, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim as an employer is obliged to show a ‘duty of care’ towards their employees, meaning that they must carry out safety checks and equipment tests regularly to ensure that your workplace is as safe to operate in as possible. If it can be determined that your employer has failed in their ‘duty of care’ toward you, you may be eligible to claim construction site head injury compensation.

Head wounds can be serious and claimants seeking head injury on construction site claims should be aware of the proper procedures for pursuing compensation. The first action after you sustained your injury should have been to summon an ambulance, or if you were not able to do so yourself, have your employer or a co-worker summon one for you. Wounds sustained anywhere above the mouth usually require stitches, the procedure for which can only be administered in a hospital. Making your way to the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency department is not just vital to safeguarding your health however, visiting the hospital will also allow you to access a medical report of your injury, which together with an accident report made in your employer’s Accident Report Book, and witness statements, will allow you to argue more effectively for compensation.

Without knowing more about how your injury was sustained, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not you are entitled to compensation and if so, what documentation and other evidence you will need in order to pursue a successful claim. Head injury on construction site claims should always be handled with the assistance of an experienced lawyer who will be able to inform you fully of your entitlements and can walk you through the claims process.