Hand Injury on Construction Site Claims

Is it possible to pursue hand injury on construction site claims? I was recently injured by a fellow worker who accidentally dropped a cinderblock on my hand, breaking two of my fingers. As a result of the injury I will be unable to work for up to three months and am keen to claim for compensation.

It may be possible to pursue hand injury on construction site claims if claimants can prove that someone other than themselves was at least partly responsible for the accident in which they were injured. In your case, your employer may be held liable for your injuries. Understandably, your first assumption might be that the worker who dropped the cinderblock on your hand is the person who you would pursue a claim against. This may not be the case however, as your employer owes a ‘duty of care’ to you – and the other workers on your site – meaning that they may be held responsible for any injuries suffered by staff members in the course of their employment.

As part of an employer’s ‘duty of care’ to their employees they are obliged to carry out a risk assessment of any new site which workers will be required to operate on. This includes identifying and neutralising any potential hazards which could possibly compromise the safety and wellbeing of employees. They must also conduct safety checks on an on-going basis, ensuring that the site remains safe and that workers’ tools and equipment are fit for purpose. Critically, they must ensure that workers are trained properly, both in health and safety practices and in the particulars of the job itself. If the worker who dropped the cinderblock on your hand was not properly trained or is incapable of performing their job adequately, you may be able to claim for construction site hand injury compensation.

Often the purpose of hand injury on construction site claims is to compensate the injured workers for missed wages. Other times, workers feel that they are eligible to be compensated for the pain and suffering they must bear due to their injury. Whatever the reason, it is always best to speak with an experienced personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity. A personal injury claims lawyer will be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible to claim for hand injury from construction site accident compensation and can walk you through the claims process. As many personal injury lawyers in the USA now offer free consultations to persons pursuing hand injury on construction site claims, you may not have to pay to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation.