Food Poisoning in a Dominos Pizza Restaurant

I got food poisoning in a Domino’s Pizza restaurant; can you tell me how I can prove this?

In order for you to claim compensation for food poisoning in a Dominos Pizza restaurant, it must be possible to prove that the illness was suffered as a direct result of eating contaminated food purchased at Dominos Pizza.

The best way to prove negligence when making a claim for injury compensation for food poisoning in a restaurant is with an Environmental Health Department report, so it is essential that you notify the Environmental Health Department promptly so that its inspectors can visit the premises.

Other evidence should also be submitted with your claim for injury compensation for food poisoning in a restaurant as proof that you ate in the restaurant prior to becoming ill. You should therefore retain a receipt from your meal to support your claim for food poisoning in a Dominos Pizza restaurant, although an itemised credit card or debit card statement can serve this purpose if you paid for your meal electronically. You should also return to the restaurant to make a report of your infection in the restaurant’s accident book.

It is also advisable to write a written letter of complaint to the restaurant manager, as a copy of this letter can be submitted with your Dominos Pizza food poisoning claim alongside the accident book report. You should state in the letter that you have reported the incident to the Environmental Health Department and that you intend to make an injury claim for bacterial food poisoning.

It is probable that the restaurant manager will alert his or her insurance company and this may result in you receiving an offer of compensation. If an offer of food poisoning compensation from Dominos Pizza is forthcoming, you should consult a personal injury lawyer before you make the decision to accept or reject it. A lawyer is in the best position to tell you if it is appropriate, or if it would be best to make a Dominos Pizza food poisoning claim.

A lawyer will also arrange for blood test and stool sample analysis results to be released by your doctor as proof of a bacterial infection when you claim compensation for an illness from Dominos Pizza, and will arrange for medical reports to be obtained as proof of any ongoing health complications as a result of your food poisoning.

When you speak with a lawyer about claiming compensation for an illness from Dominos Pizza you will be advised about any other steps that can be taken to improve the probability of your claim being successful.