Food Poisoning in a Burger King Restaurant

I contracted food poisoning in a Burger King restaurant. How much compensation will I receive if I make a personal injury claim?

Now two claims for food poisoning in a Burger King restaurant are exactly alike, and even two claims for salmonella food poisoning can result in substantially different compensation amounts being awarded. Many factors need to be considered before an accurate value can be assigned to a claim for bacterial food poisoning, although the severity of the illness is the major element in how much compensation for restaurant food poisoning will be awarded.

It is therefore not possible to accurately assess the value of your Burger King food poisoning claim without first investigating the specifics of your case; which will include obtaining medical information about the seriousness of your infection from a doctor.

The amount of compensation for an illness from Burger King that is awarded when you make a claim for bacterial food poisoning will also depend on the duration of the symptoms and whether any long term health issues are likely to be suffered. Severe food poisoning can cause nerve damage, ongoing gastrointestinal problems and even a lifetime of ill health and compensation amounts must reflect this.

The amount of compensation for restaurant food poisoning that can be claimed should be assessed by a personal injury lawyer to ensure that all aspects of the injuries are factored into the claim. If you contact a lawyer about having suffered food poisoning in a Burger King restaurant you should be given an indication of the level of Burger King food poisoning compensation that is likely to be awarded, although a full investigation of your case will be necessary before it is possible to arrive at an accurate figure.

It may be necessary to take the case to court in order to obtain your full entitlement to Burger King food poisoning compensation, although an experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to negotiate a suitable settlement directly with Burger King’s insurance company if liability for your illness is accepted.