Farm Tractor Accident Claim

One of the steps leading to the cabin snapped as I was climbing down and I fell, dislocating my shoulder and suffering a laceration to my head. How do I pursue a farm tractor accident claim?

In order to successfully pursue a farm tractor accident claim you must prove that the negligent party which in this instance is likely to be your employer was – at least – partially responsible for your accident and subsequent injury. You will require evidence in order to substantiate you claim for compensation therefore you should speak with a personal injury lawyer once you have visited a doctor or hospital and have had your injury assessed.

It is likely that an experienced personal injury lawyer will have dealt with a farm accident claim before and therefore will be in the best position to advise on evidence relevant to your claim that could be worthwhile gathering. For example CCTV footage of the incident (if available) photographs of the damaged steps and contact details of any witnesses could be very useful.

Assuming the negligent party’s insurance company has not already admitted liability for your farm tractor accident claim your lawyer will send a ‘Letter of Claim’ to the negligent party’s insurance company, it then have 21 days to respond to the letter and a further 90 days to indicate whether it accepts responsibility for your accident. If your employer still does not admit liability for your claim, your lawyer will initiate court proceedings if you agree.

These are just some of the main steps involved in pursuing a farm tractor accident claim there are others which a personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through and explain in greater detail to you.