Claim for Being Injured by a Cow on a Farm

I was recently tending to a cow on a farm when I received a heavy kick from it. Can I claim for being injured by a cow on a farm?

A claim for being injured by a cow on a farm is possible. However it is necessary to establish who was liable for your accident before you claim compensation. You perhaps should have received training for working with animals, and there is a substantial amount of material published by the Health and Safety Executive on the subject which could have been provided to you. Your employer should have advised you on working with the cow and provided you with an anti-kicking device if necessary.

Your employer may be liable for your claim for being injured by a cow on a farm in the event that they were aware that the animal was temperamental, did not provide you with an adequate warning about the possible dangers of working with the cow and did not offer you an anti-kicking device before you worked with the cow in question. This would be considered a failure in their duty of care due to a lack of warning and protection which could have prevented – or at least limited – your injuries.

Before initiating a claim for being injured by a cow on a farm against your employer, you are advised to determine whether you played any part in your own injuries. This could happen if – for instance – you were aware that the cow was temperamental but you failed to take measures to reduce the likelihood of an accident and injury. This could have been done either through restraint of the animal or through wearing protection. Likewise your injury can become more severe if immediate medical attention is not sought, and this too can be seen as contributory negligence. Should it be determined that you were partially responsible for your own injuries you may still be entitled to some compensation – however the amount to which you may have been entitled can be reduced accordingly to reflect your own carelessness.

A personal injury lawyer should be consulted in order to establish your eligibility for compensation, the strength of your claim for being injured by a cow on a farm and the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.