Claims for Eye Injuries in Factories

How can accident victims pursue claims for eye injuries in factories? I was recently involved in an accident in my workplace in which a piece of glass struck me in the eye after it had broken off from a piece of equipment. As a result of the accident I have lost vision in my eye, although my doctor has not been able to ascertain if the damage is permanent.

Claims for eye injuries in factories may be pursued by claimants if they can prove that their employer’s negligence contributed to their accident. Part of the ‘duty of care’ which must be exercised by an employer requires them to provide appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) to their workers. If you had not been issued with the correct equipment, i.e. goggles, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for an eye injury in a factory.

Claims for the loss of sight often result in sizable settlements being awarded – the loss of vision in one eye can result in a significant loss of amenity for the injured party, for instance, as one of the likely consequences would be an inability to drive due a lack of depth perception.

Another part of an employer’s duty of care requires them to carry out a risk assessment of the factory in which employees are expected to work, and the machinery which they are expected to operate. If your employer has not conducted these assessments, you may be eligible to pursue factory eye accident compensation.

The amount of compensation awarded for claims for eye injuries in factories depends on a number of factors, not least of all the extent of the injury. Injuries which leave permanent scarring – as may be the case with your injury – and cases where damage is irreversible can often see large settlements awarded.

It is impossible to determine how much compensation you may qualify for without knowing more about your individual case. To find out more about your entitlement to compensation and how much you may be awarded, speak with an experienced personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity.

Not only will a lawyer be able to provide you with information on your claim, they will also be able to explain the claims process in detail, walk you through it, and help you to achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible. Claims for eye injuries in factories are always best pursued with the help of a qualified personal injury claims lawyer.