Claim for Being Electrocuted by Office Printer

I was operating a printer at work when I received a serious electric shock, causing serious nerve damage. Can I make a claim for being electrocuted by office printer?

A claim for being electrocuted by an office printer can be made if you can prove that the accident occurred due to third party negligence. This can be difficult if the party who is liable is not immediately obvious, or if evidence of the accident is not readily available.

If you have sustained such an injury while at work, it is highly possible that the malfunctioning piece of equipment would have been replaced by your employer. If this is the case, you may not be able to rely upon evidence of the object which caused your injury, making liability difficult to establish.

It is possible that your employer is liable for your claim for being electrocuted by office printer for allowing a malfunctioning piece of equipment into the office. However it is also possible that the negligence was that of the printer’s manufacturer. In this case your compensation claim will need to be made against the maker of the printer rather than against your employer.

It can still be possible to claim for being electrocuted by office printer if the printer in question has been disposed of. This may occur if your employer neglected to install a circuit board, which drastically increased the likelihood of an accident taking place with electric equipment. However it should be remembered that you could be deemed liable for your own injuries if you had already been warned not to use the printer. Your negligence towards your own welfare can mean that you may not be eligible to claim compensation.

Acquiring evidence of negligence for your claim for being electrocuted by office printer can be difficult if your injuries have meant you were unable to return to work for a long period. It is therefore advised that a personal injury lawyer is contacted at the earliest opportunity, who can advise you on whether you have grounds to claim compensation, help establish the party who is liable for your injuries, assist in the gathering of evidence and determine the amount of compensation to which you will be entitled. If your claim is viable, your lawyer can then initiate the processes necessary in order to claim compensation for your injury. This will then provide you with the opportunity to focus on recovering from your injuries.

Finally, you are advised to be wary of an unsolicited offer of compensation from the insurance company of your employers. This compensation is offered on the condition that your claim to compensation will be immediately settled. As there is a strong possibility that the compensation which may be offered will be inadequate to cover your costs, you are advised to consult a personal injury lawyer before accepting any such offer.