Claim for Electric Shock at Work in Office

I was operating a light switch while at work, which then gave me an electric shock resulting in severe muscle damage. Am I entitled to claim for electric shock at work in office?

Receiving compensation is important with a claim for electric shock at work in an office. Electric shocks can often cause serious damage to the human body, which is often not immediately obvious. Your blood can clot as a result of an electric shock as well as damage being dealt to blood vessels and nerves. In order to pay for your medical treatment for a serious injury such as this, you may require compensation from your employer’s insurance company if you are not to blame for the accident.

While it is possible to claim for electric shock at work in office, it is imperative that you first seek medical attention for your injuries before initiating legal action. Should you neglect to receive medical treatment before making a claim, negligence towards your own well-being may be noted and as a result the compensation to which you may be entitled can be reduced – perhaps drastically so. For this reason it is crucial that you visit a doctor as soon as possible after your accident. Only when this has been done should you consider making a claim.

After receiving medical attention, the cause of your injury must be established as well as the liability of your employer. Although dangerous electric appliances should not be present in your office, your employer may not necessarily be liable for the accident and injury. If, for instance, the company who manufactured the object in question made a faulty product, or if an electrician performed maintenance poorly, it is they who can be liable for your injury rather than your employer.

Trying to determine who is responsible for your claim for electric shock at work in office can be a difficult task, particularly when you are in the process of recovery. In this situation you are advised to consult with a personal injury lawyer when making a claim of compensation for your electric shock injury. A lawyer will be fully aware of the processes required in order to claim compensation and can answer any questions regarding liability for the accident, the compensation to which you may be entitled or any other information you may require.