Compensation for Cutting Foot on Glass

Is it possible to claim compensation for cutting a foot on glass at the swimming pool of my local leisure center if I don’t know how long the shattered glass had been there for?

It may be possible to claim compensation for cutting a foot on glass at the swimming pool of your local leisure center; however your eligibility to claim and how much you could be entitled to receive will be dependent on a number of factors. It will be necessary to establish that the leisure center was negligent, as if there is no negligent party; there is nobody to make a claim against. Furthermore, it will be necessary to try and establish how long the glass had been on the ground for. If you had stepped on it just after the glass had shattered, the leisure centre cannot be held legally liable for your foot injury from glass as there would not have been a reasonable amount of time available for them to remedy the situation.

Therefore, it is advisable that you gather as much evidence as you can, but not before seeking professional medical attention from your local hospital or GP, even if first aid was administered at the scene. Your health should always be your top priority after an accident, as no amount of compensation is worth a lifelong injury from glass that was broken at the local leisure centre. This will also provide a record of when your injury was sustained in your medical history which will strengthen your foot cutting claim. After this, if you have not already, you should write a detailed report of the accident in the leisure center’s “Accident Report Book”. If you know anyone who was around when the accident happened, or the members of staff who were working that day, you should get in contact them to find out if they know how long the glass had been on the floor for. Include their details and testimonials in your report.

Comparitive negligence could be an issue if there were warning signs around the glass, or if you were warned about the potential hazard prior to stepping on it. This is a legal term that refers to when an accident victim is considered to be partially responsible for the injury that they have sustained. This means that your final settlement of compensation for cutting a foot on glass could be reduced to reflect your own lack of care. How much if it may be reduced by will be dependent on just how liable for your accident you will be considered to be.

This is merely a general guide to your eligibility for foot cutting claim, it is no substitute to the specific advice a lawyer with knowledge of your accident and the severity of your injury will be able to provide. It is advisable that you contact one at the first possible moment to discuss how to claim compensation for cutting a foot on glass.