Claims for a Crush Injury from Factory Equipment

How can factory workers pursue claims for a crush injury from factory equipment? I recently suffered a hand injury when a faulty compactor slammed shut on it at work. As a result of the accident, I suffered three broken fingers and a large amount of bruising.

Claims for a crush injury from factory equipment may be possible if the claimant is able to prove that a third party was at least partly at fault for the accident. An employer’s ‘duty of care’ can often make them the person most likely to be named as responsible for an employee sustaining an injury at work. However, it is impossible to know from the limited amount of detail provided in your question whether or not your employer has failed in their ‘duty of care’ and may be able to be held liable for your accident. For a comprehensive analysis of your claim, speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity.
Claims for a crush injury from factory equipment can often result in sizable settlements being awarded, however it is impossible to predict how much compensation may be paid out to you without knowing more about the circumstances surrounding your accident and the expenses incurred by you as a result of it.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, factory equipment crush injury compensation may be awarded if someone else is at least partly to blame for your accident. It should be noted that while your employer may have failed in their ‘duty of care’ to you by allowing you to use a faulty compactor, it is also possible that you may be viewed as being partially to blame if it transpires that you knew that the compactor was not working correctly and failed to report it, or if you did report it and continued to use it. Being held as partly responsible for your accident is known as ‘contributory negligence’ and may see you forced to forfeit a portion of your award to reflect your own lack of care.

Whether or not contributory negligence is likely to factor in your claim for a crush accident from factory equipment, it is always best to speak with a personal injury claims lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. You should also make sure to mention any possibility of contributory negligence to your lawyer, so that they can be prepared for the possibility of it being brought up during negotiations. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your accident, it is vital to remember that claims for a crush injury from factory equipment have a better opportunity of success when a personal injury lawyer has been consulted beforehand.