Claim for an Injury from Cow Crushing

I was milking a cow while working on a farm when it suddenly fell on top of me, resulting in severe internal damage. How can I claim for an injury from cow crushing?

Before you can claim for an injury from cow crushing it must first be determined that your employer is liable for your injury. This may be the case if the cow had been known to fall over in the past but you were not warned of this, or if appropriate training was not provided to you. It must be considered whether contributory negligence was a factor in your injury. This could be the situation if you were provided with training or a warning prior to your accident but you chose to ignore it, or if you were given safety equipment which you neglected to wear.

Contributory negligence can also happen if you failed to seek immediate medical attention after your accident. Say – for instance – you were injured but you chose to continue working regardless, you may be held partially responsible for your injuries if it is determined that they had become worse because you failed to seek medical attention immediately. If contributory negligence was a factor you may still be eligible to receive compensation, although this may be reduced to reflect your own carelessness.

After seeking medical attention, the next step in making a claim for an injury from cow crushing is to consult a personal injury lawyer. The strength of your claim will be determined, as will the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. You will then be advised to make a record of your accident in the “Accident Report Book” of your employer. If you are unable to work for seven days or more on account of your injury, your employer will be obliged to report your accident and injury to the Health and Safety executive who may conduct an investigation of their own. The results of this investigation may greatly assist your likelihood of a successful claim.

If your employer believes there is a possibility of a claim for an injury from cow crushing, they may be obliged to report your accident to their insurance company. This can result in the insurers directly contacting you with an unsolicited offer of compensation. While this may seem tempting – particularly if your finances are of concern – you are advised to consult a lawyer before accepting any such offer. This is because such offers are often made with one intention in mind – to save money for the insurance company, meaning that the risk of under-compensation is high. In this case, it is highly recommended that you contact a personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity.