Construction Worker Injury Claims

Is it possible to pursue construction worker injury claims? I was recently injured while at work on a building site and am eager to pursue compensation. Although my employer is insistent that I am not eligible to claim compensation for my injury, I am keen to speak with a lawyer about my right to claim.

Labourers’ eligibility to pursue construction worker injury claims is dependent on them being able to fulfil certain criteria. Firstly, the injury you have sustained must be serious enough to warrant compensation – minor bruising or grazing injuries are often not valid enough reasons to pursue a claim for construction worker accident. Potential claimants who are unsure of whether or not their injury is serious enough to allow them to claim for compensation are advised to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity in order to have their individual case assessed.

If it transpires that your injury is serious enough to warrant construction worker injury compensation, you must be able to prove that at least one other party is at least partially at fault for your injury. Where construction worker injury claims are concerned, the negligent party will more than likely be your employer. Employers owe a ‘duty of care’ toward their employees and may be held accountable for injuries which occur at their worksites – regardless of how the injury was sustained.

If you are indeed entitled to claim construction worker injury compensation, it is imperative that your injury was professionally cared for immediately after the injury was sustained. Whatever the injury, an accident victim’s first thought after the event should be of his or her health, and not of pursuing a compensation claim for construction worker accident. It is crucial for an ambulance to be summoned directly after an accident that causes serious injury occurs and attending the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency department is not only vital to ensure that the accident victim’s injury is treated properly, but it is also essential in securing a proper medical report, which will serve as a vital piece of evidence in the victim’s pursuit of compensation.

You mentioned in your question that you are keen to speak to a lawyer in order to establish your eligibility to claim compensation. You should always contact a lawyer at the first available opportunity after an accident, although not, as mentioned above, before you have been medically treated. Once you speak with a lawyer, he or she will be able to answer in full your question about construction worker injury claims.