Construction Trench Injury Claims

Is it possible for construction workers to pursue construction trench injury claims? Although my employer has admitted liability for an accident in which I suffered a head injury, and has told me that he is willing to help me to pay my medical bills, he has also attempted to convince me that it is not possible to claim more compensation. Do I have any options?

It may be possible for workers in your position to pursue construction trench injury claims. While it is a positive sign that your employer has admitted liability for your accident, your employer’s refusal to go any further than to pay for some of your medical bills suggests that he may be unwilling to negotiate further with you. For this reason it is imperative that you enlist the help of an experienced personal injury claims lawyer.

Your employer’s initial offer, which was presumably made via the company’s insurers, will enable your lawyer to engage in negotiations with insurance company in order to secure the maximum amount of construction trench injury claims compensation. Through these negotiations your lawyer may be able to obtain remuneration for the full cost of your medical treatment, as well as compensation for other variables such as any loss of amenity – the inability to perform day to day activities or enjoy leisure pursuits – or other additional costs you have incurred as a result of your injury, such as alternative transport fares if you can no longer drive.

While there is the possibility that your lawyer and the insurance company will be unable to come to an agreement, it is rare that compensation claims in the USA go to court once the negligent party has admitted liability. If the insurance company will not meet your demands for more construction trench accident compensation, you will have to decide with your lawyer whether it is worth accepting the offer or if you should commence court action.

You were right to ask questions about your employer’s claim that you are not entitled to any more compensation for a construction trench injury; however only through an experienced personal injury claims lawyer will you be able to learn how much you are actually entitled to. Compensation settlements can cover a wide range of variables, and only through making an appointment with a lawyer will you find out what you are entitled to claim for. Construction trench injury claims are always best handled with assistance from an experienced lawyer.