Former Senator Claims Compensation for Mold in a Condominium

Former Californian Senator, Nate Holden, is claiming compensation for mold in a condominium that he alleges caused him to suffer from oxygen deficiency.

The eighty-seven year old former legislator made his claim for compensation for mold in a condominium after moving out from his L.A. home in the Marina City Club complex at Marina del Rey in 2015 following a twenty-year residency.

Holden, who previously served on the Marina City Club Condominium Owners Association, alleges that a construction defect caused water from a neighbor´s unit to leak into his condominium and develop into “toxic black mold” that affected his breathing.

According to court papers filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, both the developer of the complex and the Condominium Owners Association are accused of negligence, breach of contract, property damage and the infliction of emotional distress.

Holden claims that he was hospitalized suffering from oxygen deficiency after visiting the condominium recently to collect some papers – “despite entering the premises for a few minutes” – and is now seeking an unspecified amount of compensation for mold in a condominium.

Holden´s legal action is supported by a report conducted after his departure that revealed significant moisture and water damages. He also has the support of several other owners who have complained of water intrusion, poor ventilation and mold.

As yet there has been no official response from the Marina City Club Condominium Owners Association.