Settlements Agreed for Construction Defects in a Los Angeles Condo Complex

Settlements amounting to almost $8 million have been agreed for construction defects in a Los Angeles condo complex situated in the popular Arts District. The Barker Block is a 310-unit condominium complex in the popular Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Initially a large storage area for the Barker Brothers department store, work to convert…


The Recovery of Legal Fees for Construction Defect Claims Becoming Harder

Legislation being introduced around the country is making it harder to recover legal fees for construction defect claims when plaintiffs are successful. In many states around the country, legislation is being introduced giving contractors the “right to repair” before homeowners are allowed to claim compensation for construction defects. Supporters of the legislation say that the…


The Pros and Cons of Using Drones to Identify Construction Defects

Lawyers are starting to investigate the pros and cons of using drones to identify construction defects or disprove their existence in lawsuits and litigation. Several interesting articles about the pros and cons of using drones to identify construction defects have emerged recently – the general consensus of opinion being that aerial video and photography captured…


Nevada Makes Homeowner Construction Defect Claims Much Tougher

The recent passage of the Homeowners Protection Act in Nevada has been criticized for making homeowner construction defect claims much tougher. Late last month, Nevada Governor Brain Sandoval signed Assembly Bill AB125 into law – the Homeowners Protection Act. The Bill makes sweeping changes to the state´s “Chapter 40” legislation relating to homeowner construction defect…


Insurance Company Ordered to Settle Negligent Workmanship Compensation Claim

The Oregon Court of Appeals has ordered the American Family Mutual Insurance Company to settle a negligent workmanship compensation claim in which its policyholder was found liable. In November 2009, the FountainCourt Owners Association from Beaverton in Oregon made a negligent workmanship compensation claim against the general constructor of their European-style complex and several of…