Construction Defects Law Firm

Why Use a Construction Defects Law Firm?

If you identify a fault in your property that may be attributable to the negligence of the builder or a sub-contractor who worked on its construction, it is always recommended that you speak with a construction defects law firm.

The process for claiming construction defect compensation is far from straightforward and – in order for your claim for construction defect compensation to be successful – construction defects attorneys need to be knowledgeable in many different legal areas.

Not all law firms have the capability to deliver the specialized level of service that is needed to resolve construction defect compensation claims, and it is in your best interests – and the best interests of your property – that you deal directly with a construction defects law firm that has the expertise and experience to expedite your claim.

Expertise, Experience and Expedition

Our construction defects law firm can provide expert advice on issues such as insurance contracts and coverage, real estate appraisal, structural and mechanical engineering – and we have developed relationships with construction experts and to ensure you receive the best possible advice on your entitlement to construction defect compensation.

Our construction defects attorneys have considerable experience in pursuing claims on behalf of residential and commercial clients, and our construction defects law firm engages closely with homeowners, business owners, owners associations and other parties to determine responsibility for the fault in your property and to achieve a quick resolution of your compensation claim.

Understanding and Understandable

We understand the upset than can be experienced when your home or business premises develops a dangerous fault – one which may result in a personal injury as well as property damage. The upheaval of moving out of your home or business while repairs are conducted can be emotionally distressing and we always aim to provide advice and guidance in an empathetic manner.

Furthermore, while we are a construction defects law firm, we are committed to providing you with practical advice and guidance without resorting to legal jargon. We strive to provide you with information relevant to your particular circumstances in plain English, and to answer any question you may have clearly and precisely.

Speak with our Construction Defects Attorneys Today

If you believe you have a construction defect in your residential or commercial property, please do not hesitate to speak with one of our construction defects attorneys today. We offer a free claims assessment service which you are invited to call in order to discuss your specific property issue with an experienced industry professional.

Our construction defects law firm will be happy to explain the processes that need to be completed before it can be established that you have a construction defect compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue. Our industry professionals will also be able to inform you of the course of action you should take in order that your property remains habitable until your claim can be resolved.

Please note that if it is not a suitable time to speak with our construction defects law firm right now, we offer a callback service that you are welcome to take advantage of. Simply include your details in the “Submit your Claims Information” box below, and one of our construction defects attorneys will get back in touch with you when it is more convenient.