Compensation for Bruising Ribs

I wish to claim compensation for bruising ribs after I tripped in Walmart – however the manager said I was liable, can this be correct?

You may be eligible for compensation for bruising ribs if you have been the victim of third party negligence which resulted in your accident and injury. When you enter Walmart – or any grocery store – you are entitled to a duty of care, and should not expect to sustain a bruising ribs injury. There are times when this duty of care is not fulfilled, and it may be possible to make a claim for bruising ribs if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of a third party. However this duty of care is not absolute and you may share some liability for bruising ribs, which can be determined with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

Claiming compensation for bruising ribs will be possible if Walmart has been negligent towards your health and safety. For instance – if you tripped as a result of spilled yoghurt which had been present on the floor for an unacceptable length of time, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for bruising ribs if the grocery store failed to take measures to avert the possibility of an accident occurring. Liability for bruising ribs will also lie with Walmart if your accident occurred after the floor had been cleaned, but warning signs were not clearly displayed in order to alert customers of the danger which existed. In these scenarios, the failure of the grocery store to avert the possibility of an accident occurring will see them share some liability for your bruising ribs injury.

However it is possible that your compensation for bruising ribs can be affected if Walmart are not entirely liable for your injury. For instance, if you were walking behind another trolley from which a yoghurt had fallen and you tripped and sustained a bruising ribs injury as a result, you may not be entitled to receive compensation if Walmart did not have the opportunity to react to the spillage and could not have averted your accident. It is also possible that if you ignored warning signs alerting you to the danger of a wet floor – or if you failed to seek immediate medical attention for your injury – you may share some liability for bruising ribs accident. You may not necessarily be disqualified from claiming compensation in this scenario – however the compensation you can claim for bruising ribs may be reduced to reflect your own negligence.

Establishing liability for bruising ribs can be difficult, particularly when it is disputed. It should also be remembered that if liability is admitted, Walmart’s insurance company may offer compensation in exchange for an immediate settlement of your claim. Unfortunately it is likely that this offer was made with the goal of saving money for the insurance company rather than providing you with adequate compensation for your bruising ribs injury. Because of this, you are advised to contact your lawyer regarding your claim for bruising ribs and who upon examining the details of your accident and injury can establish the amount of compensation for bruising ribs to which you should be entitled.