Compensation for Broken Back

Can I claim compensation for broken back I suffered at work? I was using equipment that I knew was defective but my employer failed to do anything about it and I was expected to carry on anyway.

It is difficult to say whether or not you can claim compensation for broken back without knowing more specific details about your accident and injury. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact a personal injury claims lawyer to discuss your potential claim with them at the first possible moment. Every employer owes their employees a duty of care. This means that it is their responsibility to ensure that your working environment is maintained to the highest possible safety standards. Any faulty equipment that they are aware of should always be addressed right away and an employee’s health should never be put at risk, whatever their job may entail.

The fact that your employer knew that your equipment was defective and wanted you to carry on working nonetheless suggests a clear breach in their duty of care. However, although you were put in an awkward position by possibly feeling forced to continue despite your employer knowing the potential dangers; your awareness of this danger could mean that you will be considered partially liable for your broken back injury. Due to this aspect of your potential claim, your final settlement could be reduced because of what is known as contributory negligence.

Nevertheless, you should try to initiate your broken back compensation claim as soon as it is convenient as a broken back injury can take a long time to recover from and could also potentially incur a great deal of medical expense. When you consult with your personal injury lawyer they will be able to advise you on how negligible you may be deemed and also how much you could be eligible to obtain. They will consider a variety of factors when evaluating your claim for compensation for broken back, including the severity of your back injury your age, sex, gender, your general state of health prior to the accident and the subsequent impact it has had since it occurred.

The impact it has had on your quality of life takes into account many elements, both financial and psychological. Your back injury could prevent you from working for quite a while, so potential financial losses will be accounted for. Being unable to take part in general, everyday events such as social activities and even household chores can also have a detrimental effect on somebody’s confidence and mental well-being, so this will also be taken into consideration when evaluating your potential settlement in your claim for compensation for broken back.