Compensation Claim for Pallet Truck Accident in a Warehouse

Is it possible to make a compensation claim for pallet truck accident in a warehouse? I was hit by a pallet truck which resulted in a broken leg, but my employer says I should have seen the truck coming.

The success of a compensation claim for pallet truck accident in a warehouse will depend upon whether your employer has complied with his duty to provide a safe work environment, or if they have been negligent. There are a number of factors which your employer must consider with relation to warehouse traffic in order to ensure the safety of their employees. First is the safe navigation of both employees and traffic, in order to ensure that they can travel throughout the warehouse without hindrance. Second, it is important to provide adequate space between workers and traffic in the event that both must use the same path. This can be accomplished with protective barriers or safety hazard traffic route tape. Finally, pedestrians and traffic should have separate entry routes into the warehouse as these can be accident black spots. If separate points of entry are not already available, they should be created.

Should your employer have failed in complying with the points as mentioned, then he may be liable for your compensation claim for pallet truck accident in a warehouse. After seeking medical attention, you should submit an entry into the ‘Accident Report Book’ of your employer, which will detail your accident and injury and can be used as evidence to support your claim. Should you miss work for a period of seven days or more, your employer is obligated to report your accident to the Health and Safety Executive, who may conduct an investigation into the circumstances of your injury. Should they find that your employer has been negligent, this will greatly assist your claim to compensation.

Regardless of how strong you may believe your compensation claim for pallet truck accident in a warehouse is, you are advised to consult a personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity. This will ensure that your claim has the highest possible opportunity of success and is professionally handled. Your lawyer can provide further information on seeking compensation and the strength of your claim. They can also advise on the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled, which will be particularly useful if you receive an offer of compensation from the insurance company of your employer. Should you receive an offer which is lower than you are entitled to, you will know to refer it to your lawyer in order to negotiate a fairer amount. And as a time limit of three years exists in order to make a claim, you are advised to consult a lawyer without delay.