Claims for Falling Off Construction Site Scaffolding

How can construction workers pursue claims for falling off construction site scaffolding? I was recently involved in an accident at my workplace where a fall from scaffolding led to me breaking my arm. It was my first day working at the site.

Construction workers may be able to make claims for falling off construction site scaffolding if they can prove that a third party was at fault for their accident. Working on scaffolding can be precarious if the frame is not erected properly, and although it is unlikely that an entire structure will collapse because of an error, if a worker placed a single board or rail in an incorrect position, it could lead to an accident.

The responsibility for ensuring that the structure is properly erected and maintained falls on the workers’ employer. An employer is required to conduct a risk assessment on any site before sending workers there, and to perform regular maintenance checks while the job is on-going. If these checks on the site at which you were working were not carried out, or an employer overlooked a potential hazard, you may be eligible to claim for falling off construction site scaffolding injury compensation.

It may also be possible to make claims for falling off construction site scaffolding if an accident happened while an employee was not wearing safety gear. All construction workers in the USA are required to be provided with appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as safety boots, high-visibility vests, gloves and if necessary, a harness. All of these items must be provided free of charge.

As it was your first day working on the site, it is unlikely that you would have been aware that there was an issue with the scaffolding. If you were aware however, you may have to forfeit a portion of any settlement you may be awarded to reflect your own negligence.

It is difficult to ascertain whether or not you are entitled to claim compensation for construction site falling off scaffolding without knowing more details about your case. In order to receive a more comprehensive evaluation of your claim you should speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity. Aside from being able to tell claimants whether or not they are entitled to pursue claims for falling off construction site scaffolding, lawyers may also be able to provide an estimate of how much compensation may be awarded.