Claims for Cutting a Finger in a Factory Accident

Can factory workers pursue claims for cutting a finger in a factory accident? I recently cut my index finger while sawing a piece of wood at work. Although I did not require stitches, I had to take two days off work as my primary role in the factory – operating the saw – is not possible without the use of the finger.

Those who wish to make claims for cutting a finger in a factory accident is dependent on a number of factors including whether or not the injury was severe enough to warrant a claim for compensation. Certainly, the fact that you had to take time off work suggests that your injury was a burden. However, as you did not need stitches the wound is likely to only be superficial, and the damage is likely to be short-term, meaning that you may not be eligible to claim compensation for cut finger in a factory accident.

Speaking with a lawyer will enable you to judge for yourself whether it is worth pursuing compensation for the two days you missed work – it is unlikely that you will receive much, if any, compensation for pain and suffering. Fortunately, as many lawyers operating in the USA now offer free initial consultations for potential claimants, it can often cost you nothing to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

You may be one of those entitled to pursue claims for cutting a finger in a factory accident if you can prove that your employer failed to ensure that the saw which you were using was safe, or if you had complained about it before. In this case, your employer’s failure to properly implement his duty of care may allow you to pursue a compensation claim for factory accident cut finger.

Whatever the case, it is always in the best interest of a potential claimant to speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first possible opportunity. A lawyer will be able to tell you if your injury is serious enough to enable you to pursue a claim for compensation, if your employer may have failed in their duty of care, and if so, how much compensation you may be entitled to. Claims for cutting a finger in a factory accident are always more successful with the help of a trained personal injury lawyer.