Claim for Chemical Burns in a Factory

How can I claim for chemical burns in a factory? I was recently involved in an accident in which I suffered second degree burns to my arms. Since the accident, for which I blame my employer, I have been unable to work or enjoy any of my favourite pastimes.

You may be able to claim for chemical burns in a factory if you can prove that your employer was at fault for your accident. Employers have a duty of care towards the people working under them, meaning that they must take measures to ensure that their employee’s workspaces are as safe as possible at all times. If your employer has not taken appropriate precautions to prevent an accident, his negligence will make it possible for you to pursue a claim for factory chemical burns compensation.

In order to be eligible to claim for chemical burns in a factory, you must follow a set list of procedures – some of which you may already have completed. Due to the serious nature of your injury, it may be safe to assume that you have already visited the nearest hospital; this should have been done immediately after you sustained your burns. If you have not already had your injuries treated, you should do so without delay.

Only after you have sought medical attention can you begin to gather evidence to support your chemical burns injury in a factory claim. It is crucial that you speak with a personal injury claims lawyer as soon as possible after your injuries are treated. A lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what evidence you will need to support your claim. This is important as every claim for compensation is unique, even if the injuries sustained are the same.

As mentioned above, an employer owes a duty of care towards their employees and gathering evidence to prove that they failed in their obligation may be necessary to claim for compensation. CCTV evidence, statements from witnesses of the accident and photographs of the scene and of your injuries may be useful. If possible, you should log an entry in the company’s Accident Report Book – this may also add weight to your claim.

Under their duty of care, employers are required to provide staff with any personal protection equipment (PPE) they need to carry out their job – in your case this may mean goggles, overalls, a face mask or gloves. Rinsing stations are also usually required where chemicals are involved. If your employer has not supplied you with the appropriate equipment – free of charge – you may be entitled to claim factory chemical burns compensation.

Pursuing a chemical burns injury in a factory claim for compensation can be complex, stressful and time consuming. Speaking with a personal injury claims lawyer will make the process run a lot smoother, and allow you to concentrate on returning to full health. In order to have your claim for chemical burns in a factory handled by an experienced professional, speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity.