Claims for a Neck Injury at Work

I damaged the ligaments in my neck over time due to my job working in furniture removal. What evidence do successful claims for a neck injury at work usually contain?

Successful claims for a neck injury at work must demonstrate that the employer failed to provide the employee with a duty of care thus resulting in the accident and consequently their injury. The claimant must gather substantial evidence in order to support their claim; this process begins once medical attention is sought for the neck injury.

Visiting your doctor or a local hospital should be your first priority after the accident, not only are you protecting your health, you will also ensure there is a medical record of your injury which you can later use to substantiate your compensation claim for a neck injury at work.

Once you have received adequate care, you are advised to speak with a personal injury lawyer as they will be able to evaluate the potential value of your claim based on the circumstances surrounding your injury. They will then be able to advise you whether it is worth your while pursuing a claim for compensation.

Successful claims for a neck injury at work are generally supported by substantial evidence, as your neck injury developed over time it may be more difficult to gather such evidence however photographs of furniture you commonly moved along with the average weight could prove useful. It may also be worthwhile speaking with work colleagues to investigate if anyone else has developed neck problems as a result of their work.

Although heavy lifting is part of your job, your employer is obliged to provide you with the necessary safety equipment to ensure the risk of injury remains minimal. It is common with claims for a neck injury at work for insurers to approach the victim with an early offer of compensation if they believe their policyholder is responsible for your injuries. To avoid the risk of being undercompensated for your neck injury it is advised that you refer any such offer to your personal injury lawyer.