Claims for a Hand Injury in a Factory Accident

How can workers pursue claims for a hand injury in a factory accident? I recently injured my hand while operating a piece of machinery at work and am interested in pursuing compensation. I believe that I am eligible to claim for compensation as several co-workers have in the past alerted my boss to a possible fault in the piece of equipment I was operating the time of my accident.

Claims for a hand injury in a factory accident may be possible if you can prove that your employer is at least partly responsible for your accident. Liability for your accident may be difficult to determine given that both you and your employer knew that the machine on which you were injured was faulty before your accident occurred. To find out how liability in your case may be determined, and if necessary, divided, you should visit a personal injury claims lawyer without delay.

It can often be difficult to determine who is to blame for claims for a hand injury in a factory accident. Your employer, who owes you and the rest of his employees a ‘duty of care’, may be held responsible as he or she did not stop workers from using the faulty piece of machinery after finding out that it was defective. It is an employer’s utmost responsibility to protect worker’s health and safety.

Although employers owe a ‘duty of care’ to the workers under them, this duty is not absolute and it is possible that you may be found to have contributed to your own injury. As you continued to use the piece of machinery on which you injured yourself even though you knew it was defective, you may be forced to cede some of your settlement to reflect your own lack of care – this is known as contributory negligence.

If you believe that contributory negligence may factor in your hand injury in factory accident compensation claim, you should discuss the possibility with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity. Speaking with a lawyer as early after the accident as possible will allow you to compile the best possible claim for factory accident hand injury compensation, and provide you with enough time to try to avert an outcome which incorporates of contributory negligence. Persons considering pursuing claims for a hand injury in a factory accident are always better off consulting a lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity.