Claiming for Slipping in the Street

I have no idea how to go about claiming for slipping in the street. Can you tell me how I can start a claim for compensation after slipping on frozen water from a leaking pipe?

You are not alone, as claiming for slipping in the street is a totally alien concept to many people. Few people see themselves ever being in a position where they need to make a claim compensation for a slip in the street, and do not have any idea where to start when a claim needs to be made.

The most important step to take after any slip and fall is to seek medical attention. Your health must be your number one priority. Injuries must be treated either by a doctor or preferably at the emergency department of the local hospital. Not only will this ensure that your injuries are assessed so that treatment can start promptly, but if medical records do not contain details of the injuries sustained a claim for compensation for a slip in the street will not be possible.

Accidents can happen in the street for which no one can be held responsible and not all injuries will enable the victim to make a claim for compensation for a slip in the street. Only when the accident has been caused by the negligence of a third party will a claim for street slip injury compensation be possible. There must also have been a duty of care owed to the victim which must have been breached by the negligent third party.

You must be able to establish and prove that there was negligence, but first you must identify the third party responsible. A street slip claim must be made against the insurance policy of a negligent third party and, for that to be possible, the third party must first be identified. In your case, this is likely to be either a property owner or the water company.

It can be difficult to determine who is to blame in cases such as yours, as land boundaries can be confusing. Determining whether the pipe was on private property and was a home owner’s responsibility to maintain, or if it was covered by the water company can be difficult to establish.

We therefore recommend seeking legal advice from a personal injury lawyer about claiming for slipping in the street. A lawyer is in the best position to identify the third party responsible for the creation of the hazard. A lawyer will also help to establish whether the accident was caused by negligence and will confirm if you are entitled to make a claim. You will also be advised in detail about the claims process, and any steps you must take before a street slip claim can be made.