Claim for Tripping on Office Stairs

The stairs in my workplace are quite steep and while rushing for a meeting the other day I tripped and broke my arm. Am I eligible to claim for tripping on office stairs?

A claim for tripping on office stairs is one of the most common types of work injury claim and a quarter of all physical office injuries are due to slips or trips in the office according to the Health and Safety Executive. However you will need to prove that your employer was negligent and as a result is responsible for the accident and your subsequent injury.

Your claim may be complicated by the fact that you were rushing for a meeting as running on the stairs would mean a lack of care for your own welfare. If this is the case it could be deemed that you contributed to your accident which could affect the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim.

Of course you must first demonstrate negligence on behalf of your employer, according to the Building Regulations for Staircases Part K 1992, the pitch or angle between steps should not exceed 38 degrees in offices. Therefore it is best advised that you measure the angle and if it exceeds this limit, it is likely your employer is in breach of health and safety regulations and may be liable for your injury.

Once you have received professional medical care, you should gather any evidence which could be used to support your compensation claim for tripping on office stairs. You should take photographs of the scene, gather testimonies of any witnesses who saw the incident and if possible obtain any CCTV footage of the accident. It is also recommended that you record your injury in your employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’.

Thereafter it is in your best interests to speak with a personal injury lawyer as they will be able to calculate the potential amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim for your injury. This is important as you may be approached by your employer’s insurance company with an early offer of compensation for your injuries and will be unable to make an informed decision unless your lawyer is aware of the potential value of your claim. This is why it is advised that you refer all such offers to your personal injury lawyer to ensure you do not risk being under compensated in you claim for tripping on office stairs.