Claim for Tripping in Subway

How can I tell if I can make a claim for tripping in Subway? I tripped and fell and badly injured my wrist in the fall.

The easiest way to find out if you are eligible to make a claim for tripping in Subway is to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case. There are many factors that must be considered before it will be possible to tell if compensation can be recovered and a lawyer is in the best position to conduct an assessment of your case.

However, before seeking legal advice it is vital that your wrist injury is assessed and treated by a doctor. Your health must be your number one priority. If medical attention is not sought, no matter how bad your injury is it will not be possible to make a claim for compensation for a trip and fall in Subway. Personal injury claims must be supported by medical evidence of an injury has to come from your medical records.

The first step a lawyer will take is to establish how you were injured in a slip and fall in Subway and whether the accident was primarily the fault of the manager of Subway. A claim for tripping in Subway will only be possible if the accident directly resulted from third party negligence and if there was a failure in a duty of care, such as the manager allowing a trip hazard to remain on the floor for an unacceptable period of time.

A lawyer will investigate your case to determine if the staff or manager could have prevented your accident, and if it would have been reasonable to expect the trip hazard to have been removed from the floor under the circumstances. If negligence can be established, a lawyer will collect evidence of this to support your Subway injury claim.

Provided a Subway injury claim is possible and evidence is available to support your case, a lawyer must then establish the extent and severity of your injury. Even a highly experienced lawyer will not be able to do this without the assistance of expert doctors. You will therefore be required to undergo a further medical examination. This will help to establish the extent of your injury, the likely recovery time and if any permanent damage has been caused. Once the medical facts have been obtained, a lawyer can calculate how much compensation for a trip and fall in Subway you can recover.

One step that you must take personally after being injured in a slip and fall in Subway is to make a record of the accident in Subway’s accident book. You should therefore return to Subway at your earliest convenience to make an official report of the accident. The accident book report will prove that you were injured in Subway where a duty of care was owed to keep you safe. Your chosen lawyer will be able to complete all the other legal procedures and will pursue your maximum entitlement to compensation for your injury on your behalf.