Claim for Slipping Aldi

A claim for slipping in Aldi may be possible if you slipped and fell in Aldi due to a hazard which was left on the floor of the grocery store. Accidents can happen which no one could be expected to foresee or prevent; however if the Aldi staff failed to fulfil its legal duties to ensure the grocery store was safe for customers, a claim for slipping in Aldi should be possible.

In order to be eligible to claim for slipping in Aldi, you must be able to establish and prove that the accident was the result of negligence of the Aldi staff. In the case of a slip and fall in Aldi, negligence is likely to be a failure to clean a spillage promptly or to remove produce from the floor in a reasonable time frame. Failing to place a warning sign on a wet floor is also an example of negligence. Even if a slip and fall in Aldi was caused by negligence of the store staff, a claim compensation for slipping in Aldi will not be possible if medical attention was not sought for the injury at a hospital or doctors surgery.

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