Claim for Radial Nerve Damage

I wish to make a claim for radial nerve damage – however the driver who hit me sped off before I could get details – how can I claim?

You may be able to make a claim for radial nerve damage provided that you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a third party. Compensation for radial nerve damage is still possible if you have been injured on account of a hit and run driver, although a slightly different procedure will be required. Following your radial nerve damage accident, a report should be made to the police in order to help track down the driver. There are various reasons the driver may have fled the scene of the accident, whether they were seeking to avoid a criminal conviction or in order to avoid detection because of no insurance. Regardless of the reason, leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offence under USA law, and for this reason the police will be highly interested in tracking the negligent driver responsible for your accident and radial nerve damage injury, whether through eyewitness accounts, CCTV footage or from a licence plate number – even if only partial.

If the negligent driver can be found and has insurance, a claim for radial nerve damage can proceed in the normal manner. However if the driver cannot be traced or is found but not insured, you may have to pursue compensation for radial nerve damage against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). The MIB was established in order to provide injury compensation to the victims of road traffic accidents which were caused by unknown or uninsured drivers. However it important to bear in mind that the MIB is funded by insurance companies, and will not award compensation willingly. Even if you have been the victim of a negligent or uninsured driver, the MIB will still want to ensure that your radial nerve damage injury was sustained as a result of this negligent driver, that you were not liable for your injury in any way and that the driver cannot be traced. Dealing with the MIB following your radial nerve damage accident can be difficult, because of which you are advised to consult a personal injury lawyer in order to represent your claim on your behalf.

By assessing the details of your accident and injury, your lawyer can advise you on the amount of compensation for radial nerve damage to which you may be entitled, the strength of your claim and whether your claim is worth pursuing. This will be particularly useful if you receive a direct offer of compensation from the MIB, offering to settle your radial nerve damage injury claim immediately. This may seem tempting – however such offers are often made with the intention of saving money rather than providing adequate compensation. Should you accept such an offer which transpires to be inadequate to cover the costs associated with your radial nerve damage accident, you will be unable to return and ask for more. For this reason, you should contact a personal injury lawyer without delay if you wish to make a claim for radial nerve damage.