Claim for Fractured Pelvis

I was involved in an automobile accident in which I was badly injured as a passenger, can I claim for fractured pelvis in this situation?

A claim for fractured pelvis is possible if you have been the victim of negligence, even as a passenger in an automobile. It is possible that passengers may be entitled to more compensation for fractured pelvis as not only are they more likely to sustain a serious injury (as passengers are often women and children), but there is also the fact that drivers often have a split-second in which to brace themselves for the impact of an accident which passengers often do not. As long as the passenger does not share any liability for their fractured pelvis injury, they may be entitled to receive compensation and a personal injury lawyer should be consulted at the earliest opportunity regarding your fractured pelvis accident.

A claim for fractured pelvis can be made for a passenger, even if they were travelling in the same car as the negligent driver. After an injury has been sustained, medical attention should be sought immediately in order to have your fractured pelvis injury treated immediately, not only to prevent further deterioration but also to ensure that your injury is noted in your medical records. If an ambulance was not summoned following your fractured pelvis accident, medical treatment should have been sought in the accident and emergency department of the nearest hospital or with an emergency appointment with your family GP. Once this has been done, your accident should be reported to the police if they did not attend the scene of the accident and was not already reported by the driver of the car in which you were travelling. These factors can help strengthen your compensation for fractured pelvis.

A claim for fractured pelvis will be sought against the insurance policy of the negligent driver responsible for your accident and injury. This may be difficult for passengers who were injured because of the negligence of a family member or friend – however it should be remembered that the compensation for fractured pelvis comes from the insurance company, and is not a personal claim against a close one. There is a possibility that if you took a calculated risk upon entering the car – for instance, if you knew that the driver was drunk or uninsured – you may be held partially liable for your fractured pelvis injury. This may not disqualify you from making a claim for your fractured pelvis accident – however the compensation you may be entitled to claim can be reduced to reflect your own negligence.

It is also possible that your compensation for fractured pelvis can be challenged – either by the insurance company or the negligent driver. For this reason, a personal injury lawyer should be consulted at the earliest opportunity to represent the fractured pelvis accident claim on your behalf. This will not only ease the stress of pursuing compensation while recovering from a fractured pelvis injury, but it will also ensure that your claim is handled professionally and with expert advice. With the help of a lawyer, you will also maximise the likelihood that your claim for fractured pelvis will be successful.