Claim for Breaking a Leg on a Farm

A temporary second floor erected to store bales of hay collapsed while I was walking on it. I want to claim for breaking a leg on a farm, but no one saw the incident therefore I am worried it may be a waste of time. What should I do?

Although nobody saw your fall, there are many other pieces of evidence you could gather to support your claim for breaking a leg on a farm. You will need to demonstrate that a negligent third party is responsible for your accident and subsequent injury in order to successfully claim compensation.

For example, if there are CCTV cameras on the premises they may have captured your accident on film, there will also be a record of the injury sustained in your medical history that can be used. It may also be worthwhile taking photographs of the collapsed floor also. It would be in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your claim for a leg break on a farm before pursuing it any further as they will be able to advise on any other evidence that may be worth your while obtaining. You should also make a record of the incident in the farm’s ‘Accident Report Book’ although you do not have to state who you believe is negligent at this point.

Once you have gathered sufficient evidence your personal injury lawyer will initiate your compensation claim of course if the negligent party’s insurance company believes that its policyholder is responsible for the incident it may make you an early offer of compensation.

Therefore it is important that your lawyer has calculated the potential value of your claim for breaking a leg on a farm to ensure you are aware of how much you may be entitled to seek . The reason for this is because insurers will try to limit the amount they pay out and it is unlikely they will have your best interests at heart which will leave you at risk of being under compensated for your injuries if you accept their offer.

Referring such offers to your personal injury lawyer will ensure you are adequately compensated for your claim for breaking a leg on a farm.