Cherry Picker Injury Claim

I was standing in the box of a cherry picker carrying out some work on a high wall, when it malfunctioned causing me to fall. I broke my arm and fractured several ribs, how much compensation would I receive for a cherry picker injury claim?

There are numerous factors to consider when calculating the potential value of a cherry picker injury claim. The Judicial College is used as a guide to determine how much compensation should be awarded for your injuries taking into account age, sex and the state of your health prior to the accident.

Other factors that may alter the amount you are eligible to receive for your cherry picker injury claim include ‘Loss of Amenity’. This is compensation for the impact the injury has had on your life since the accident. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you calculate the amount you may be entitled to by comparing your quality of life before the accident with your life after the incident. Family members and work colleagues may be asked to provide additional information to allow your lawyer to build an accurate image of your life. It is also recommended that you keep a diary where you can record scenarios where the injury prevented you from leading a full and active life.

If you have incurred any additional costs as a direct result of your injury you will be able to recover them through ‘Special Damages’. This is the portion of your compensation settlement for a personal injury that will addresses any economic loss suffered as a result of the loss or injury, and return your financial position to that which it would have been had the loss or injury never occurred.

To ensure you are eligible to recover such costs, it is important that you retain receipts of expenses you have already incurred and produce plausible estimates of costs you may face in the future which relate directly to your cherry picker injury claim.

It can be quite a complex affair determining the amount of compensation you may be eligible to claim, especially when recovering from a serious injury. Therefore you should speak with a personal injury lawyer, with their expertise they will be able to evaluate your claim and advise whether it is worth your while pursuing a cherry picker injury claim.