Claim for Injuries in a Single Vehicle Accident Settled Prior to Hearing

A compensation claim for injuries in a single vehicle accident has been settled for $26.55 million shortly before a court hearing was scheduled to begin. The compensation claim for injuries in a single vehicle accident was brought by David Williams (32) – a landscape service engineer from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. David had been driving his … Read more

Material Handling Injuries at Work Head Travelers Injury Impact Report

Material handling injuries at work account for the largest proportion of workers comp claims over a five-year period according to recently released research. The “Injury Impact Report” was compiled by the insurance carrier Travelers. Travelers handles more workers comp claims than any other insurance carrier in the country and was able to draw on data … Read more

Claim for an Eye Injury due to Chemical Exposure Resolved at Court

A former sanitation worker´s claim for an eye injury due to chemical exposure has been resolved at a hearing of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. Joseph Keith Jr. was working as a sanitation worker for Hatfield Quality Meats in Hatfield, PA., when he was splashed by sodium hydroxide while wrapping a hose that … Read more

Former UN Driver Claims Compensation for an Injury While Assembling IKEA Furniture

A former driver for the Swedish UN representative is claiming $1.7 million compensation for an injury while assembling IKEA furniture for his employer. In May 2012, fifty-two year old Carlos Figueroa was working for the late Marten Grunditz – Sweden’s former representative to the UN. Carlos was asked to drive to the IKEA store in … Read more

Jones Act Used to Support Compensation Claim for the Partial Loss of a Kidney

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 has been used in a Florida court case to successfully support a compensation claim for the partial loss of a kidney. The Merchant Marine Act (also known as the Jones Act after its author Wesley Jones) was enacted almost a century ago as a protection measure for the domestic … Read more

Former Employee Awarded Compensation for Exposure to Benzene

A jury in Texas has awarded a man suffering from a variant of leukemia $8.2 million compensation for exposure to benzene contained in paints and thinners. Between 1973 and 1996, Virgil Hood worked as a painter for Timpte Trailers – a manufacturer of semi-trailers – and Continental Airlines. Nearly every day during his working life, … Read more

Man Settles Claim for the Loss of a Leg in a Construction Accident

A man has settled his claim for the loss of a leg in a construction accident just as the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed an order granting a new trial. In the summer of 2009, Ruick Rolland from Delaware County in Pennsylvania was a contractor working for Senn Landscaping when the company was engaged to construct … Read more

Carpenter Awarded Compensation for a Shoulder Injury on a Construction Site

A carpenter has been awarded $2.5 million compensation for a shoulder injury on a construction site after he fell from an unstable temporary stairway. John White was working in Philadelphia as a carpenter on a renovation project when, in January 2012, he was asked to remove the handrails on a temporary stairway that was going … Read more

1,867 Dog Bite Injury Claims in California Last Year Recorded by Insurance Institute

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 1,867 dog bite injury claims in California last year, more than 10% of the national total. Cal. Civil Code §3342 makes dog owners who fail to control their pets and prevent them from biting members of the public strictly liable for dog bite injury claims in California, … Read more

Spinal Injury Compensation Claim Resolved at Court Hearing

A man from Tennyson in Indiana has settled his spinal injury compensation claim against his insurance company after it failed to pay out his claim for workers compensation. In 2010, Donnie Grubb was forced to quit his successful cleaning business when he suffered a spinal injury while working. Seven years before his injury, Donnie believed … Read more

Paralyzed Driver Awarded $14 Million Compensation for a Truck Accident

A driver who was paralyzed when his faultily-service truck went out of control has been awarded $14 million compensation for a truck accident after a hearing at Mobile County Circuit Court. Colin Lacy from Mobile, Alabama, was driving his employer´s tractor-trailer along Interstate 10 near Niceville in Florida when – on July 14th 2011 – … Read more

Mechanic Awarded $3 Million Compensation for an Injury due to an OHSA Violation

A mechanic has been awarded $3.271 million compensation for an injury due to an OHSA violation after losing two fingers in a sugar silo gearbox accident. John Mullin (49) – a father of six from Vacaville in Solano County – attended the Jelly Belly Candy factory in Fairfield on 4th June 2009, in order to … Read more

Jury Awards Compensation for Injuries in a Bus Accident

A Philadelphia jury has awarded fifteen plaintiffs $4.3 million in compensation for injuries in a bus accident, bring the total value of the claim to $5.7 million. The claim for compensation for injuries in a bus accident was brought by passengers who were injured in a May 2010 crash; when the brakes on a bus … Read more

Lawyers Negotiate Settlement of Injury Claim for Slip in School Cafeteria

Lawyers have reached a negotiated settlement of an injury claim for a slip in a school cafeteria four days into a jury trial to determine liability. Dawn DiSalvio was a cafeteria worker at the Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, when on 30 January 2008 she slipped on liquid which had allegedly leaked out … Read more

Construction Worker Injury Claim Resolved during Court Hearing

A construction worker injury claim has been resolved during a hearing at Cook County Circuit Court for $13 million after the two sides reached a negotiated settlement The construction worker injury claim had been made by Chicago resident Adan Carriedo; who worked as a laborer for Concrete Structures of the Midwest in October 2006, who … Read more

Concrete Worker Awarded Compensation for an Accident on a Construction Site

A concrete worker has been awarded injury compensation for an accident on a construction site after a hearing at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Hildo DeFranca was employed as a concrete worker on a home-building project in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, and responsible for directing concrete through a hose from a pump truck to make walls … Read more

Truck Driver Claim for Injury Compensation Resolved by Mediation

A man from Porterville, Tulare County, who sustained serious injuries when he swerved his vehicle to avoid hitting a hay bale that had fallen from a tractor, has resolved his truck driver claim for injury compensation without a court hearing. On May 12, 2012, Chris Alcantara was driving a loaded milk tanker along a back … Read more

Janitor Awarded Compensation for a Slip on Ice at School

A janitor has been awarded compensation for a slip on ice at school – the injuries from which resulted in him losing his job. In November 2010, Stephen McKeown from Port Glasgow in Inverclyde worked as a janitor at St Stephen´s High School in Port Glasgow. One week, he was asked to cover for the … Read more

Changes to Personal Injury Claims Procedures will Speed up Compensation

Changes to personal injury claims procedures introduced on 1st August 2013 will speed up compensation settlements in claims with a value of up to £25,000. The second of two changes to the Civil Procedure Rules took effect on 1st August 2013, and whereas the changes to the personal injury claims procedures in April of this … Read more

Employee Wins Appeal for Crushed Hand at Work Injury Compensation

A woman, who worked at the Chivas Brothers bottling plant in Kilmalid, is to receive compensation for a crushed hand at work injury after a hearing at the Court of Session. In October 2009, Carol Kennedy from Dumbarton sustained a hand injury while working for the world-famous whisky manufacturer in their Kilmalid bottling plant, when … Read more

Butchers Fined for a Work Injury due to the Lack of Protective Equipment

A butcher´s firm in Lewisham, South-East London, has received a fine from Westminster Magistrates after an employee suffered an avoidable work injury due to the lack of protective equipment. The employee – who did not wish to be named – was deboning a lamb shoulder at Rare Butchers of Distinction in July 2012, when the … Read more

Campaigners Criticise Government´s Plans for Mesothelioma Compensation Settlements

Victim support groups have criticised the government´s proposals to provide mesothelioma compensation settlements to former employees who contracted an asbestos-related disease in the workplace and who are unable to trace their former employer to claim compensation. Details of the Mesothelioma Bill were announced last week in the Queen´s Speech and were widely welcomed by government … Read more

Employee´s Claim for a Fall Down Stairs at Work Resolved in Court

A former maintenance officer, who was forced to retire from his job after an accident at work, has been awarded £17,000 compensation in settlement of his claim for a fall down stairs at work. The unnamed 61-year-old from Wakefield in West Yorkshire was employed at the West Yorkshire Police Headquarters in November 2008 when his … Read more

Factory Employee Receives Compensation for Fracturing a Foot at Work

A factory worker who injured two metatarsals in his left foot after he was provided with the wrong equipment to move alloy bars is to receive £6,500 compensation for fracturing a foot at work. Michael Kirby (47) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, sustained his injury while working as a machine operator for local company Ross & … Read more

Record Amount of Work Injury Settlements for Teachers Recorded

Work injury settlements for teachers have increased by almost 24 percent according to figures released for 2012 by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT). The total amount of compensation recovered for teachers who sustained avoidable injuries at school in 2012 is estimated to be in excess of £25 million after the … Read more

Compensation for Baggage Handler Injuries Awarded after Claim

A Stansted Airport worker, who suffered a broken back after being hit by a luggage towing vehicle, has resolved his claim for compensation for baggage handler injuries for an undisclosed settlement. Mick Draper (64) from Braintree, Essex, made his claim for baggage handler injuries after an investigation into his accident at Stansted Airport in March … Read more

Pensioner Awarded Compensation for Working with Asbestos in a Factory

A former employee of bathroom appliance manufacturer Armitage Shanks has been awarded £160,000 in compensation for working with asbestos in a factory. 76-year-old Eli Richards for Great Wyrley, near Walsall, worked for the Armitage Shanks factory in Bushbury, Wolverhampton as a tool maker from 1979 until his retirement. Eli had been a very fit man … Read more

School Crossing Guard Settles Hit and Run Compensation Claim

A school crossing guard, who was knocked over by a hit and run driver while helping children cross the road, has settled her hit and run compensation claim with the driver´s insurers. Forty-nine year old Karen Littler from Wigan in Lancashire was hit by the Honda Insight driven by Ceris Lovett while she was helping … Read more

High Court Upholds Nurse Manual Handling Injury Claim

The High Court in London has upheld a nurse manual handling injury claim for compensation after finding the senior nurse in question not guilty of contributing to her own injuries. In March 2008, senior nurse Sue Germaine was employed by Epsom Hospital in the Outpatients Department. Arriving early at work one morning to prepare the … Read more

Still Time to Claim BT Workers Hearing Injury Compensation

There is still time for many former and current British Telecom employees, who have sustained a loss of hearing due to using faulty testing sets, to claim BT workers hearing injury compensation. In August 2010 – in the case of Watkins v British Telecommunications – BT admitted that workers involved in the testing, tracing and … Read more

Claim for Slipping on a Pallet at Work Settled Out of Court

A woman who suffered substantial ligament damage in a workplace accident has had her claim for slipping on a pallet at work settled out of court. Katrin Weiss from Intake, South Yorkshire, worked as the operations manager for Bereco Ltd – a window frame and door manufacturer based in Rotherham – when her accident happened … Read more

Compensation for Tripping at School Awarded to Teaching Assistant

A mother of two, who developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy after she tripped over a wheelchair strap and dislocated her finger when she fell, has been awarded £800,000 compensation for tripping at school in an out-of-court settlement. Julie Anne Huddart (49) tripped over the strap as she was trying to move the empty wheelchair at the … Read more

Claim for Exposure to Chemicals at Work filed by Factory Workers

Eight employees at a factory that make shock absorbers have filed a claim for exposure to chemicals at work after suffering health problems as a result of exposure to hexavalent chromium. The eight men, from Hartwell in Georgia, have all been diagnosed with nasal injuries and respiratory problems due to working at the Tenneco plant … Read more

Compensation for Knee Cartilage Injury Awarded to University Employee

A university employee, who sustained an articular cartilage injury after slipping and falling on a wet floor at the University of East Anglia, has been awarded £50,000 in compensation for a knee cartilage injury. The employee – identified only as Ms Turnbull (48) – slipped on rain water that had been walked into the corridors … Read more

BT Engineer Mesothelioma Claim Made Shortly before Victim´s Death

An inquest into the death of a former BT Building Contract Manager has heard that the deceased made a BT engineer mesothelioma claim for compensation shortly before he died. At the inquest, Assistant Deputy Coroner Dr Peter Harrowing was told that Derek Butler (74) from Weston in Somerset – a former BT draughtsman and Building … Read more

Government Announce Diffuse Mesothelioma Cancer Compensation Fund

The Minister for Welfare – Lord Freud – has revealed details of a diffuse mesothelioma cancer compensation fund which will be established to assist those diagnosed with work-related mesothelioma cancer who are unable to trace their former employers. The scheme enables victims of the asbestos-related disease, diagnosed with work-related diffuse mesothelioma cancer from 25th July … Read more

Hearing Injury Compensation for BT Engineers to Face Challenges

BT has announced that it will be withdrawing its Statute of Limitations amnesty in respect of hearing injury compensation for BT engineers with effect from 1st January 2013. Following the company´s admission in August 2010 that it exposed engineers who used the green oscillating and amplifying equipment to trace, repair and install BT telephone lines … Read more

Teachers Injury Compensation Exceeded 25 Million Pounds in 2011

An increasing number of slips and trips in the classroom, physical assaults on teachers and instances where schools and local authorities have failed to comply with their legal responsibilities relating to health, safety and employment, led to teachers injury compensation exceeding 25 million pounds in 2011. Exactly how much compensation for teachers injuries was paid … Read more

Fine Imposed for Unreported Work Accidents in Tesco Supermarket

A fine of 48,000 pounds has been imposed for unreported work accidents in a Tesco grocery store after a health and safety investigation by Bracknell Forest Council. The council discovered three specific incidences of the company “failing to report an accident to the relevant enforcing authority” between May 2009 and March 2010 and health and … Read more

Asbestosis Related Cancer Compensation Claim Resolved for Ex-Miner

An ex-miner, who claimed he contracted mesothelioma while working for the National Coal Board, has won his asbestos related cancer compensation claim at London´s High Court. Dennis Ball (92) from Beeston in Nottinghamshire worked for the National Coal Board at their Sutton and Moorgreen pits between 1967 and 1985. He alleged in his injury compensation … Read more

BT Engineers Claim for Hearing Compensation Heard in Court

A former BT engineer´s claim for hearing compensation has been heard at Cardiff County Court after BT challenged the amount of special damages that was being claimed for a private hearing aid. The claimant, a 62-year-old former engineer and jointer, had worked for BT from 1981 to 2010 and alleged in his claim for BT … Read more

£454k award in Death at Work Claim

The family of a man, who was tragically crushed to death between two diggers in a workplace accident, is to receive £454,000 compensation from the man´s former employers following a death at work claim. Ronan Conway (27) passed away after getting out of the cab of his vehicle to look at something in the ground in front of … Read more

Former BT Engineer to get Compensation for Mesothelioma Cancer

A former BT engineer is to get compensation for mesothelioma cancer after a judge in Bristol found BT negligent for exposing their employee to asbestos during his 27 years of employment with the company. Frederick Vincent (76) from Shiphay in Torquay was awarded an interim payment of compensation for mesothelioma cancer after the court heard … Read more

Back Injury at Work Claim for for Ryanair staff member

A former Ryanair baggage handler has been awarded £37,000 compensation in a back injury at work claim.  Damian Warcaba suffered an injury in an incident at on July 17th, 2007, while moving aircraft stairs unassisted.  Mr Warcaba was brought to the hospital and was unable to work for two months. The normal operating method requires … Read more

Work Brain Damage Settlement set at £9.6m

A dock worker, who sustained a brain injury when hit by a defective mooring cable, has won work brain damage settlement for an injury suffered at work. Cody Karl of League City, Texas, was working in a job at the Magellan Terminal located on the Houston Ship Channel when, on 1st June 2008, he formed … Read more

£19k award in Claim for Injured Toe at Work

A postal worker, who had a toe injury inflicted at work has won his compensation claim at Court. He damaged the big toe on his right foot when a package of floorboards fell onto it. Edward Pyne, aged 61, brought his claim against the postal service after the accident in November 2006 left him needing several … Read more

Ankle Injury at Work Claims

A New York City sanitation engineer, who took a case for an ankle injury at work claim when a colleague ran over his leg in a forklift truck, has accepted £3.3m in compensation in an out-of-court settlement. Andrew Anderson (37) from New York City, was aiding a colleague attach a snow plough to the forklift … Read more

Award for Lost Leg in Work Accident is £1m

A man, who lost his leg when it became trapped in a grain bin, has been given a £1 million award for a lost leg in a work accident in a product liability compensation case against the designer of the grain bin – Ken Babcock Sales Inc. – and his employer – the Fredonia Cooperative … Read more

Award for Asbestos-related Cancer at Work

A Californian man, who contracted cancer after working with brake linings that contained asbestos, has been approved for an award for asbestos-related cancer at work of almost £11m in a in a court hearing. Gordon Bankhead (66), was employed worked at the Sea-Land Shipping Company for more than 30 years. During these years, his duties included inspecting … Read more

Injury Claim for Being Injured by Farm Animal

A cattle drover is to receive damages from his employer in his injury claim for being injured by a farm animal after the Supreme Court ruled that the employer had placed the injured employee at risk. He was kicked by a bullock. Mr. Patrick Lynch (53) had been one of a team of three cattle … Read more

Work Facial Injury Claim settled at £67k

A truck driver, who was struck by a steel wedge, has been awarded £67,000 by the High Court in a work facial injury claim. Mr Justice John MacMenamin heard how Keith Dowling (38) was almost decapitated as a steel wedge, being used to secure the ballast weight on his trailer, shot from its mounting causing … Read more

Claim for Tesco Worker Injury Compensation Resolved Without Court Action

A former Tesco employee who made a claim for Tesco worker injury compensation has accepted an undisclosed settlement shortly before her claim was due to be heard in court. Shona Foreman (35) from Alloa in Clackmannanshire made the claim for Tesco worker injury compensation after her hand was damaged during a delivery to the Duloch … Read more

£5.3m award in Claim for Burned Foot at Work

A welder called Ignacio Llamas was recently awarded £5.3 million as compensation in a claim for a burned foot burn at work when he suffered severe burns when a molten piece of metal broke loose and slid down his foot. The  piece of metal burned through a special protective Tyvek suit, slid down Llamas jeans … Read more