Claim for Injuries in a Single Vehicle Accident Settled Prior to Hearing

A compensation claim for injuries in a single vehicle accident has been settled for $26.55 million shortly before a court hearing was scheduled to begin. The compensation claim for injuries in a single vehicle accident was brought by David Williams (32) – a landscape service engineer from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. David had been driving his … Read more

Compensation for a Fatal Accident with a Lorry Divided Three Ways

A settlement of compensation for a fatal accident with a lorry has been divided three ways after a hearing of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. Gail Walsh was killed in a tragic accident when, in January 2012, a lorry driving through an intersection in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, swerved to avoid a car … Read more

Fatal Accident Claim against a Drunk Driver Resolved for $3.1 Million

A Pennsylvania jury has resolved a fatal accident claim against a drunk driver with an award of $3.1 million compensation in favor of the victim´s estate. Twenty-seven year old Calvin Wilson was driving his motorbike along Belmont Avenue in Philadelphia on April 4, 2013, when an SUV driven by Kahlile Gray turned left immediately in … Read more

Family Awarded $32 Million Compensation for Son´s Death in Car Crash

The family of a child killed by a speeding driver in his father´s disabled car has been awarded $32 million compensation for their son´s death in a car crash. On May 1, 2012, Thomas Straw was driving along Route 28 near Aspinwall in Pennsylvania, when the hood of his Pontiac Vibe malfunctioned and released upwards. … Read more

Injury Claim for a Cyclist Hit by a Truck Settled for $21 Million

An injury claim for a cyclist hit by a truck on Interstate 100 in Southwest Virginia has been settled for approximately $21 million during mediation. On October 8th 2011, Michael Sprick (44) – a cross-country cyclist from Germany – was part way through his dream cycling holiday. Having arrived in Chicago a month earlier, Michael … Read more

Jury Awards Compensation for a Head Injury in a Multi-Car Pile-Up

A jury in San Diego has awarded a former student $17.3 million compensation for a head injury in a multi-car pile-up after a four week hearing. In the fall of 2012, 24-year-old Russell Sheaffer was just completing his Ph.D. at Indiana University when he traveled to California to make a film documentary. On 3rd November, … Read more

Family Agree to Settlement of Compensation for a Passenger in a Fatal Auto Accident

The family of a man who died from a massive head trauma in a crash has agreed to a settlement of compensation for a passenger in a fatal auto accident. On 19th October 2010, Justin Gatzke (29) was the front seat passenger in a Honda Accord driven by his girlfriend – Jennifer Bujnowski – when … Read more

Student Awarded $26 Million Compensation for Car Crash Injuries

A student from South Carolina has been awarded $26 million compensation for car crash injuries after only barely surviving a rollover accident in 2009. In July 2009, Jeremy Vangsnes (21) from Spartanburg in South Carolina was returning to the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board in Yellowstone National Park, after having visited relatives staying … Read more

$1.2 Million Compensation for an Injured Motorcyclist Not Seen by the Driver

A Court in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, has awarded more than $1.2 million compensation for an injured motorcyclist who was not seen by the driver of a car as he pulled out from a Harrisburg restaurant. On 4 June 2011, Tracey Thompson was riding her motorcycle along Derry Street in Harrisburg, when she was hit by … Read more

Paralyzed Driver Awarded $14 Million Compensation for a Truck Accident

A driver who was paralyzed when his faultily-service truck went out of control has been awarded $14 million compensation for a truck accident after a hearing at Mobile County Circuit Court. Colin Lacy from Mobile, Alabama, was driving his employer´s tractor-trailer along Interstate 10 near Niceville in Florida when – on July 14th 2011 – … Read more

Teacher Awarded Compensation for a Car Accident with a Drunk Driver

A teacher from Philadelphia has been awarded $700,000 compensation for a car accident with a drunk driver after an arbitration hearing in Pennsylvania. Diane Richman was driving through the streets of Philadelphia when, in May 2011, she was rear-ended by Augustine Roth. Roth fled the scene of the accident, but was later arrested by the … Read more

Jury Awards Compensation for Injuries in a Bus Accident

A Philadelphia jury has awarded fifteen plaintiffs $4.3 million in compensation for injuries in a bus accident, bring the total value of the claim to $5.7 million. The claim for compensation for injuries in a bus accident was brought by passengers who were injured in a May 2010 crash; when the brakes on a bus … Read more

Some Drivers being Denied Compensation for Car Accident Injuries in Las Vegas due to New Policy

Nevada lawyers have claimed that some drivers are being denied compensation for car accident injuries in Las Vegas due to Metro´s new policy of not attending “no-injury” collisions. On the 3rd of March, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) announced that it was no longer going to attend car accidents in which there was … Read more

Claim for Death due to Dangerous Road Condition Heard at Superior Court

A jury has awarded $425,000 compensation to the mother of a man who was killed in an auto accident, after her claim for death due to a dangerous road condition was heard at the Superior Court of California in San Diego. On 28th August 2012, Mary Helen Aguilar was driving her Honda Odyssey on California … Read more

Jury Awards almost $6 Million Compensation for Airbag Failing to Deploy

A jury at the Court of Common Pleas in Lackawanna has awarded almost $6 million compensation for an air bag failing to deploy in an auto crash, due to which the driver suffered serious injuries. On August 20, 2010, John Cancelleri (83) from Spring Brook Township in Pennsylvania was driving south along Route 309 in … Read more

Jury Awards Woman $15.8 Million Compensation for Brain Injury in Car Crash

An Allegheny County jury has awarded a Pennsylvania woman $15.8 million compensation for a brain injury in a car crash. Brenda Gump (52) was being driven by her son to her daughter´s rehearsal dinner in June 2010 when their car was hit by a Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Adam Mains as they were turning … Read more

Claim for Neck Injuries in Rear-End Accident Resolved after Hearing

A woman´s claim for neck injuries in a rear-end accident has been resolved for $3.1 million after a trial at the Superior Court of California in Pasadena. Teresa Gamage brought her claim for neck injuries in a rear-end accident after being hurt in a low-impact collision in May 2011. The car in which she was … Read more

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Victim is 50th Traffic-Related Fatality of 2014

A 25-year old man, who died in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident earlier this week, has been identified as John Thomas Strunk by the Clark County Coroner´s Office. John Strunk became the fiftieth person to die this year in a traffic-related accident within the Las Vegas Metropolitan District, when he was fatally injured in a … Read more

Families Awarded Compensation for Restaurant´s Failure to Provide Safe Environment

The families of two teenagers, who died after an attack in a McDonalds parking lot, have been awarded $27 million compensation for a restaurant´s failure to provide a safe environment.     In February 2012, Denton James Ward (18) of Flower Mound, Texas, and his girlfriend Lauren Bailey Crisp (19) of Dripping Springs in Texas visited … Read more

Woman to Receive Compensation for Cycling Accident Injuries after Court Hearing

A former student, who suffered incapacitating injuries when she was run over by a van while trying to avoid a collision with the opening door of a parked automobile, is to receive more than $2.4 million compensation for her cycling accident injuries after a court hearing. Ashley McKean was cycling along Broad Street in Philadelphia … Read more

Passenger to Receive $15 Million Compensation for a Back Injury on a Bus

A woman is to receive almost $15 million compensation for a back injury on a bus after the vehicle on which she was travelling went over a speed bump at twice the legal speed limit. On 27 August 2011, Maria Francisco (20) from Richmond in California, her four-year-old daughter Mia and other members of her … Read more

Woman´s Award of Car Crash Injury Compensation Upheld after Appeal

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has upheld an award of $10.5 million car crash injury compensation in favor of a woman who was severely injured when her vehicle was forced into a utility pole by an out-of-control dump truck. In May 2010, Theodus Williams was driving a Mack dump truck loaded with stone thru Scranton, Pennsylvania, … Read more

Compensation for Injuries in a Hit and Run Accident Awarded to Philadelphia Couple

A couple, who both suffered back damage in a rear-end collision, are to receive compensation for injuries in a hit and run accident after a court hearing in Philadelphia. George Sabu (39) and his wife Mebitha (31) were driving along North 5th Street in Philadelphia on 10 September 2012, when they were hit from behind … Read more

Man to Receive Compensation for Losing Leg in Car Accident

A Philadelphia man is to receive $19.1 million compensation for losing a leg in a car crash after a judge denied one of the defendants a new trial. Patrick Hennessey (24) from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania was a passenger in a car driven by his friend Ryan Caruso, when – on 26th July 2009 – Caruso … Read more

Motorcyclist Identified in Las Vegas DUI Accident

A motorcyclist, who was killed in a Las Vegas DUI accident, has been identified as Ian Arche by the Clarke County Coroner´s Office. Arche (40) from Las Vegas was fatally injured on 14th April when the motorcycle he was riding was involved in a collision with a Ford Explorer driven by Francisco Contreras-DeJesus (41) – … Read more

Families Awarded Compensation for Fatal Crash with Police Vehicle

Two families are to receive compensation for a fatal car crash with a police vehicle after a settlement was agreed just days before the case was scheduled to be heard at the Superior Court of Kern County. Chrystal Jolley (30) and Daniel Hiler (25) were both fatally injured when, on 16th December 2011, a police … Read more

Claim for Back Seat Passenger Injured in Rear End Accident Resolved in Court

A 71-year old woman has resolved her claim for a back seat passenger injured in a rear end accident after a hearing at the Superior Court of Riverside County. Soledad DeSantiago was a back seat passenger in a car hit from behind as it was approaching a red light at the intersection of Van Buren … Read more

Parents Awarded $5.5 Million Compensation for Death of Son in Road Traffic Accident

The parents of a man who sustained fatal injuries in a collision with a tractor-trailer have been awarded $5.5 million compensation for the death of their son in a road traffic accident. On 18 August 2008, Mark A McConnell II (22) was driving his car in Mahoning County in Ohio, when a tractor-trailer driven by … Read more

Estates of Victims Receive Compensation for Death due to Drunken Driving

The estates of two young adults are to receive compensation for death due to drunken driving, along with two others who survived the accident, after a hearing in Pittsburgh. A jury at the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas heard how, on September 26 2009, Amanda Delval (22) was driving along Mifflin Road in Pittsburgh … Read more

Truck Driver Claim for Injury Compensation Resolved by Mediation

A man from Porterville, Tulare County, who sustained serious injuries when he swerved his vehicle to avoid hitting a hay bale that had fallen from a tractor, has resolved his truck driver claim for injury compensation without a court hearing. On May 12, 2012, Chris Alcantara was driving a loaded milk tanker along a back … Read more

Man Receives Compensation for Back Injury in a Car Crash

An electrician, who suffered debilitating injuries when his pick-up was rear-ended, has been awarded $665,000 in compensation for a back injury in a car crash. Peter Kilian (41) from Staten Island, New York, was sitting in his employer´s parked pick-up truck on Hylan Boulevard at Tompkins Avenue when, on February 17th 2011, he was rear-ended … Read more

Woman Wins Claim for Injuries in a Garage Forecourt Accident

A woman, who suffered a serious neck injury after being rear-ended by a Texas Forest Service employee, has won her claim for injuries in a garage forecourt accident. Brenda Nolen (51) from Texoma in Young County was sitting in her stationary Dodge pick-up alongside a garage forecourt when she was rear-ended by a Texas Forest … Read more

Man Awarded Compensation for a Cycling Injury after Court Hearing

A cyclist, who now requires full-time care after a collision with a car in 2005, has been awarded £5.3 million in compensation for a cycling injury after an eight-year legal battle. Toby Phethean-Hubble (24) from Knowle in Shropshire was just sixteen years of age when, in November 2005, he attempted to cycle across the road … Read more

Changes to Personal Injury Claims Procedures will Speed up Compensation

Changes to personal injury claims procedures introduced on 1st August 2013 will speed up compensation settlements in claims with a value of up to £25,000. The second of two changes to the Civil Procedure Rules took effect on 1st August 2013, and whereas the changes to the personal injury claims procedures in April of this … Read more

£7 Million Settlement of Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Approved in Court

The £7 million settlement of a motorcycle accident injury claim, made on behalf of a Brazilian woman who suffered brain damage after an accident in London, has been approved in the High Court. The claim for motorcycle accident injury compensation was made on behalf of Barbara Oliva (26) from Sao Paulo in Brazil by her … Read more

Compensation for a Pedestrian Injury on Holiday Approved in Court

A man who was left in a coma after being hit by a car in Rome has had a settlement of compensation for a pedestrian injury on holiday approved in court. James Kennedy (37) from Gosforth in Newcastle was holidaying in Rome with university friends when, on 14 January 2006, he was hit by a … Read more

Student Receives Pedestrian Compensation for Being Hit by a Car

A business administration student from Birmingham is to receive more than £1 million pedestrian compensation for being hit by a car following a negotiated settlement. The undisclosed sum will be paid to Lee Edge (21) from the city´s suburb of King´s Heath after an agreement was reached on how much compensation he should be entitled … Read more

Appeal Court finds Local Government Jointly Negligent in Pothole Crash Injury Claim

The Appeal Court has found Devon Council jointly negligent in a pothole crash injury claim following a car accident on the C-25 which left one passenger brain damaged and a second tetraplegic. The accident, which happened in November 2006, occurred when a Land Rover driver – identified as “TR” – overtook a slow moving car … Read more

Postman Awarded Compensation for Spine Injuries in a Cycling Accident

A postman is to receive £7,300 compensation for spine injuries in a cycling accident following the negotiated settlement of his injury claim against his employers. David Thompson (62) made his claim following a cycling accident in December 2011, when he was knocked off of his bicycle by a Royal Mail van while returning home from … Read more

School Crossing Guard Settles Hit and Run Compensation Claim

A school crossing guard, who was knocked over by a hit and run driver while helping children cross the road, has settled her hit and run compensation claim with the driver´s insurers. Forty-nine year old Karen Littler from Wigan in Lancashire was hit by the Honda Insight driven by Ceris Lovett while she was helping … Read more

Court Approves Compensation for being Paralysed in Accident

The High Court has approved a settlement of compensation for being paralysed in an accident for a 17 year old girl who lost the use of her legs after being involved in a car crash in which her mother died. Agnes Collier from Naunton in Gloucestershire was just 13 years of age when the car … Read more

Government Figures Reveal Fewer Claims for Whiplash Injury Compensation

Figures released by the Department for Works and Pensions Compensation Recovery Unit have revealed that claims for whiplash injury compensation have fallen year-on-year by more than 4 percent. A total of 547,405 claims for whiplash injury compensation were recorded by the Compensation Recovery Unit in 2011/2012, whereas in the previous twelve months 571,111 whiplash injury … Read more

Chronic Lower Back Injury Compensation Awarded to Former Pageant Winner

A former beauty pageant winner has been awarded over 18,000 pounds in chronic lower back injury compensation following a hearing at Edinburgh´s Court of Sessions. Fiona Dickie (24) from East Lothian, made the claim for chronic lower back injury compensation following a road traffic accident on Edinburgh’s South Clerk Street in April 2009. It was … Read more

Child to Receive Tricycle Injury Compensation

An eleven-year-old boy is to receive 100,000 Euros in tricycle injury compensation after his claim for damages was resolved shortly before a hearing was due to commence at Dublin´s High Court. Bartosz Zakrzewski from Birr in County Offaly, Ireland, sustained traumatic injuries to his head and leg in an accident in July 2010 when, cycling … Read more

Compensation for Brain Damage in Car Crash Finalised against Speeding Driver

A young girl, who sustained catastrophic injuries when her parent´s car was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding driver, has had her compensation for brain damage in car crash settlement approved in court. Cerys Edwards (6) from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands was just eleven months old when, in November 2006, a … Read more

Settlement for Brain Injury from Motorbike Accident with Car agreed

A man, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries when his motorbike was in collision with a car, has had an undisclosed Settlement for Brain Injury from Motorbike Accident with Car approved in London’s Royal Court of Justice. David Buchan (28) of Watford, Hertfordshire, picked up the injuries in February 2005 after his bike collided with a car … Read more

Settlement for Death from Derailed Train

The family of Zoila Tellez, who was killed in a tragic railway accident, have had a negotiated settlement for death from a derailed in excess of £22.5m in compensation for a victim killed by a derailed train approved by an Illinois County District Court judge. Zoila (44) of Chicago, Illinois, was travelling in an automobile with … Read more

Bus Injury Settlement is £100k

A bus injury settlement has been made to woman who suffered a spinal injury after a bus in which she was a passenger drove over a speed ramp too quickly, has been awarded  £100,000 in personal injury damages. Ms Ciara Whelan (23) from Dublin, was aboard a public bus being driven through the grounds of … Read more

£17,000 compensation award to teenager following bus accident

14-year-old Megan Ledden of Glasnevin, Dublin, has been awarded damages of  €20,000 in the Circuit Civil Court in a case against a minibus owner following an accident where she a wing mirror struck her head. The accident occurred on the Old Finglas Road at a pedestrian crossing in March 2007. Having been knocked unconscious, Leddan fell back and … Read more