Resolution found in Claim for a Dentist Dropping a Surgical Instrument Down Throat

An Illinois man´s compensation claim for a dentist dropping a surgical instrument down his throat has been resolved with a negotiated settlement of $675,000. On October 1, 2014, Janusz Pawlowicz (64) from Des Plains in Cook County, Illinois, attended Gentle Dental Services Ltd. where he was due to undergo the first of a two-part root … Read more

Court Allows Claim for a HIPAA Privacy Breach to Proceed

Connecticut´s Supreme Court has ruled that a compensation claim for a HIPAA privacy breach can go ahead after it was tossed by the state´s Appellate Court. Following a brief relationship in 2004, Emily Byrne discovered she was pregnant. As the relationship had ended, Emily instructed the Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Westport not … Read more

Proposition 46 to Resolve Issue over Californian Medical Negligence Payments

Californians go to the polls next week with an opportunity to resolve a 39-year old issue over medical negligence payments. Currently in California, when a medical professional is found to have been negligent and caused a patient an injury or the avoidable deterioration of an existing condition, a limit of $250,000 is imposed on the … Read more

Judge Upholds Settlement of Surgical Complications Compensation Claim

A Pennsylvania judge has upheld the $19.5 million settlement of a surgical complications compensation claim made by the widower of a woman who underwent polyp removal surgery and later died from complications. Mariann Pomroy (57) from Langhorne in Pennsylvania attended the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania on 22 October 2008 to have a polyp … Read more

Compensation for Injury due to Delayed Caesarean Operation Approved in Court

A woman, who suffered severe brain damage after neither a surgeon nor an anaesthetist were present to perform a C-Section procedure, has been awarded a settlement package of compensation for injury due to a delayed Caesarean operation amounting to 4.2 million pounds. Susanne Turner (45) from Wittersham, Kent, was born on April 28th 1967 at … Read more

Emotional Injury Compensation Awarded after Poor Work on Pensioner´s Home

An elderly pensioner, who was the victim of poor workmanship when renovations were made to her home, has been awarded 3,500 Euros in emotional injury compensation by a judge in Dublin. Mr Justice Matthew Deery at the Circuit Civil Court heard how pensioner Kathleen O’Leary (84) had contracted the services of Cranlowe Ltd – a … Read more

Doctor Negligence Lawsuit leads to award

The parents of a woman who died after her doctor failed to recognise the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis have agreed to a £151,000 settlement in her doctor negligence lawsuit. Ray and Angela Hennessy, had brought the legal action against Dr Hassan Al Bayyari, following the untimely death of their daughter Julie in March 2007. It was … Read more

Cerebral Palsy Birth Legal Claim results in £1.6m settlement

A six year old girl, who a cerebral palsy birth injury has seen her legal claim result in an interim settlement of £1.6m. Isabelle Sheehan was born with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Ms Sheehan sustained her birth due to the acknowledged negligence of Dr David Corr, who was practising privately from Bon Secours Maternity Hospital, Cork, … Read more

Settlement for Pool Death

The family of a woman who sustained horrific injuries and subsequently died after an inflatable pool slide “bottomed out” has been awarded £13m in a settlement for pool death compensation claim by a judge in Salem, Massachusetts. Robin Aleo (29) from Boston, Massachusetts, was spending a day by her relative’s swimming pool in July 2006 … Read more

Wenicke Korsakoff Claim settled at court

A woman has her Wenicke Korsakoff claim settled out of court for undisclosed amount. Ms Avril Doyle developed the psychosis after alleged negligence by her surgeon,. Doyle (46) was described to Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill at the High Court as a happy and vivacious person prior to undergoing a laparotomy to treat multiple abdominal adhesions … Read more

Cancer Misdiagnosis Award following negligence claim

Camilla Freehill was finally able to resolve her High Court action of alleged medical negligence against the Health Service Executive (HSE) with an undisclosed cancer misdiagnosis award for the health service’s failure to diagnose and treat her breast cancer. Mr Justice John Quirke heard from the claimant´s counsel, shortly before High Court proceedings were about … Read more

Hospital Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Meningitis

Mark Thomas has just been awarded £3.2million in a hospital settlement for failure to diagnose meningitis, a error which was compounded by the fact that the victim was turned away from Walsall Manor Accident and Emergency Department and his parents were admonished at the time for ‘misusing the emergency services’.  It was a second opinion … Read more