Passengers Claim Compensation for Las Vegas Airport Injuries

Passengers who were injured when a plane caught fire on the runway of McCarran International are claiming compensation for Las Vegas airport injuries.

On September 8th, a British Airways Boeing 777-200 was engulfed in flames as it prepared to take off from McCarran International, bound for London Gatwick. The cause of the fire is still officially under investigation, but it is understood that a turbine blade detached from the left engine of the plane and sliced through fuel and hydraulic pipes – the fuel igniting and causing the fire.

All 172 people on board the plane, including 13 crew, managed to escape the inferno. However, some passengers suffered injuries during the evacuation and – according to the British press – are now claiming compensation for Las Vegas airport injuries against a number of potential defendants.

One of the passengers – Steve Bingham (35) from County Down in Northern Ireland – suffered an arm injury and the effects of smoke inhalation. He has also been prescribed medication to help him cope with the emotional trauma. Steve told the British Daily Mirror:

“I’m still suffering from the incident and have regular flashbacks. You simply never expect something like this to happen. I am continuing to suffer from the effects of what happened but I know we are all incredibly lucky not to have been more seriously injured.”

Lawyers representing the passengers believe that they could be entitled to significant compensation for Las Vegas airport injuries. In addition to their physical injuries and the potential long-term harm caused by smoke inhalation, the lawyers say that the psychological injuries suffered by the passengers should not be underestimated.

The lawyers have urged the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to conclude their investigation quickly so that “appropriate measures can be implemented to improve flight safety” and in order that the passengers claiming compensation for Las Vegas airport injuries can have their claims resolved without unnecessary delays.


Compensation for Baggage Handler Injuries Awarded after Claim

A Stansted Airport worker, who suffered a broken back after being hit by a luggage towing vehicle, has resolved his claim for compensation for baggage handler injuries for an undisclosed settlement.

Mick Draper (64) from Braintree, Essex, made his claim for baggage handler injuries after an investigation into his accident at Stansted Airport in March 2009 revealed that the driver of the luggage towing vehicle had worked eleven consecutive seventeen-hour shifts.

Mick broke three bones in his back after being knocked onto a luggage chute by the force of the impact and, despite a series of operations to reconstruct the broken bones, is unable to walk, lift or perform domestic tasks without pain.

It was alleged in Mick´s claim for compensation for baggage handler injuries that his employers – Swissport – had previously been warned by his union Unite that the long hours employees were being allowed to work represented a risk to health and safety

Swissport acknowledged that they had placed their baggage handlers at risk of injury and settled Mick´s claim for baggage handler injuries out of court for an undisclosed amount.